Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hey Republicans! It’s On You. Period. (Part 2)


-by Noah

On Wednesday morning, when I wrote my post entitled, If You Voted For The Orange Fascist, It’s On You. Period, I wrote that how eerily quiet New York City was that morning. New York is not alone in its reaction to the stunning and appalling victory of Herr Trumpf and what evil it could visit on America. As with all tragedies, people have now entered a period of working through their grieving into a mood of not resignation but resolve and meeting the challenges. If Trump holds to the type of politician indicated by his campaign rhetoric and promises, his administration is a clear a present danger to the great American experiment as outlined in our Constitution. He is appealing to the basest instincts of humanity. He and his most fervent followers are an assault on American values.

Not surprisingly, the damage to the fabric that makes America great is already showing itself. Even before, election day, the poor example of and for humanity that the Republican Party was offering our society was manifesting itself not just among the alleged adults in Trump crowds who gave nazi salutes and expressed racial and religious animus, but among our children in schoolyards across the country. Bullying is up, way up. The children of Trump supporters are singling out the children of immigrants, roughing them up, and yelling that they are about to be deported. This is juvenile KKK stuff. It would be all too easy to say that they are just kids and they don’t know any better but they are acting just like their supposedly adult parents.

This will not be good when schoolyards are as polarized as the voting electorate. Gang recruiting will go up in proportion to the hateful spew coming from our new, so-called leaders. The time for Trump and other Republican leaders to set an example and publicly and loudly say that such behavior is reprehensible has already passed. We are left with the damage and the knowledge that what we are starting to see is exactly what Republicans want. The leadership void has been exposed. They are already failing not just those who didn’t support them but those who did as well. If their kids come home from school bruised and battered, it will be due to the forces they voted to unleash.

Trump is the man at the top. The man at the top, whether it’s in a company, on a ship, on a football team, or, in this case, our country, sets the tone. Trump’s tone is the worst tone. It will make your head spin. He has the worst words. Believe me.

One of my neighbors here in NYC teaches elementary school children in a New York public school. On Wednesday and Thursday, the teachers at her school had to forgo the usual lessons in math and grammar and try to calm down their classes full of panic-filled students who, if not immigrants themselves, were old enough to know that their mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles were. The teachers rallied and gave basic lessons in the Constitution, civics, and protective structures created by the founding fathers. That’s all well and good. It’s hopeful; until you acknowledge that the President and both houses of Congress, not to mention the Supreme Court will soon all be in republican hands.

Even as I write this, the disgusting Newt Gingrich, a man who belongs in another time, is re-upping his recent call for a new House Un-American Activities committee in Congress.

It doesn’t get any more un-American than that. Some of us learned nothing from the 1950s when questions were asked about who one associated with or knew. People were blacklisted from jobs if there was even a hint of having associated with Russians. Now, we have a President-Elect who has. What irony? But, to republicans, Joe McCarthy, the man who stoked the fires of “a commie under every bed” paranoia and, in the end, proved to have not even a shred of decency, is an iconic role model. I can see people like Rep. Darrell Issa or Rep. Trey Gowdy asking people if they shop at stores owned by Muslims and making all sorts of insinuations. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Again, this is down to leadership, or, lack there of.

What I described about a local school is not only happening in elementary schools across the country. A friend who teaches music at a university in Connecticut tells me that she came to work on Wednesday and faced crying, very nervous students; students who have come to this country to learn. They’re learning alright. They are learning that the American Dream is not what they thought it was when their parents saved and sent them to a good American college to get a leg up on a better life. LGBTQ, students, naturally have similar fears. Likewise, the college where my wife works has had to bring extra counselors to deal with the stress and fear that large numbers of their students are going through since election day. They have 20 year olds crying in fear in the library. This is all due to 21st Century Republicanism.

At Southern Illinois University, some white students celebrated the Trump election by putting on blackface and posing in front of a Confederate flag. This is just one of more and more instances of this evil being reported Republican students like this feel they have permission now. It’s akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater. There’s no telling who will get crushed in the stampede.

On several Texas college campuses, students are protesting what Trump and his party have encouraged with their fascist hate speech directed towards minority groups of all kinds. The most egregious example may be a flier circulated by a groups of open-carry Texans who call themselves “Texas State Vigilantes” on a Texas State campus. Their flier says-
Now that our man TRUMP is elected and Republicans own both the Senate and the House-- time to organize tar & feather VIGILANTE SQUADS and go arrest & torture those deviant University leaders spouting off all this Diversity Garbage.
That flyer could have been written by any one of the people we see regularly whining on FOX “News.” It defines Trumpism.

Given all of this, is it any wonder that masses of students in cities around the country are taking to the streets and protesting? And, it’s not just the would be victims of Republicanism, it is also their friends and fellow students who have nothing to personally fear except that they don’t want to live in the world that the Republican Party has in mind for them. They don’t want any part of a society that won’t let their gay friends get married. They don’t want to live in an America that promotes the horrific torture of Gay Conversion Therapy for their friends. They don’t want to live in a society where birth control is outlawed. They don’t want to live in a society where all abortion is forbidden. They don’t want to live in an America where autoworker jobs pay like sneaker factory jobs in Indonesia do.

What is our sniffing, snorting, Chinese tie wearing, conspiracy pushing psychopathic President-Elect offering in the way of leadership? He whines and says, in another of his endless examples of projection, that the protesters are being “unfair.” They are being unfair? If he can’t stand a little heat, he should get out now. He’s in over his comb-over. Just wait ‘til his egg-encrusted inauguration day parade.

Tuesday’s result was a surprise to even many high profile Republican Party and Republican media people, but, they supported him. In the end, 59,000,000 people, bamboozled by a jive-ass conman who has shown zero regard for the American Constitution voted against their own interests. Were they thinking that an orange haired Mr. Montgomery Burns would be in their corner? How much of what he promised them will he even attempt to delver. Already, he’s backing away from destroying Obamacare and taking insurance away from 20,000,000 Americans. Already, he’s changing his tune about the insane Republican wet dream of sending Hillary Clinton to prison. Afterall, he may have to pardon his wife for her little visa issue first. He may even have to look into pardoning himself after he spends the next couple of months going to court on the charges facing him. What were his supporters smoking? Just how much meth is out there anyway? Oh well, soon they won’t be able to afford it. They’ll be getting much more edgy then. Of all Americans, they will feel the most betrayed. Their heads will spin. Herr Trump offers the biggest, tallest betrayal. Believe me.

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At 4:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Noah. The supporters of Trump must be in the mix of accountability, and my mind front and center, not sympathized with for their supposed economic reasons for putting this monster into office. He is so so obviously a lunatic, a vindictive, narcissist and a con man. I can't believe they have not see it, the fact is they do not care. They adore him! No appeasement, this is war. And the Dems better stand up to him, if those DINOs don't totally ruin it by voting with the Republicans. No making nice to those horrible white men (and women) who love this monster and glorify themselves in his hatred.

At 6:43 AM, Blogger CNYOrange said...

What trump realized was that he could win by ripping the bandage off the republican Id. His followers were just waiting for someone to talk about building the wall, deporting immigrants and talking about undocumented workers as rapists, etc. Hell mccain and romney might have been able to win if they'd had been willing to go where trump went.

At 7:47 AM, Blogger jvb2718 said...

It is already plainly clear that the "fabric" of American greatness has been in tatters for quite some time.. if it wasn't, in fact, illusory.

The political system and elections are a fraud, representing only .01% of the population.
But now, with manifold hatreds bubbling back up, PART of that system will now represent as much as 20% (60M is about 20% of the population). So now, ironically (?), the system comes closer to being representative than in the last 40 years.

With 210 million or so folks eligible to vote, one could point out that 150 million (half-ish of the total population) still did not vote for America's Mussolini nor his party of the .01% and hate... so there's that.

So, yeah, the haters are giddy.

But you still have to look at the democraps and wonder why they so incessantly refuse to meaningfully represent 106 million people... or even more than the racists and billionaires.
And you have to wonder about the 60M who still voted for the Ds' latest corrupt neoliberal neocon lying warmongering clueless wall street whore.
I mean, Jill Stein WAS on the ballot most everywhere.


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