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Election 2016 Civics Courses for Millennials


Richard Greene, an old friend from Air America days and founder of the 279 for Change Campaign called me from Karachi this morning, the only part of Pakistan I've never visited. He's loving it. He's also loving the idea of using November 8 to make some really important and profound changes in America. (Keep in mind that the number 279 = 60 U.S. Senators + one U.S President + 218 Members of Congress.) Richard sent this guest post after our chat this morning.

An Invitation to Disrupt Election 2016: Vote for Bills, Not People on November 8!
-by Richard Greene

Don't like Donald Trump?  No problem.

Don't like Hillary Clinton?  No problem.

Hate politics as usual and politicians? No problem.

You can still radically change America ON November 8.

Here's how:

Step One: Pick How You Want to Change America

There are about 10,000 bills waiting to be voted on in The United States Congress. There's almost certainly a few that would change America in exactly the way you want. "Billify," don't vilify!

Step Two: Just pick one or two of these bills, become a "Citizen Lobbyist" and tell the candidates running in your district "#Vote4ThisBillOrIWontVote4U.

They will listen. They desperately need your vote. You have all the power before and on November 8.  On November 9 you lose it for another 2 years!

Step Three: Use social media to crowdsource the election of the rest of the 279 representatives needed to make your bill "The Law of The Land"

It only takes 279 people to change America.

Step Four: VOTE... but ONLY for those candidates who agree, in writing, to support YOUR bill(s)

That's it. Want some more details?

Bills That Can Change America NOW!

There are amazing, transformational bills just waiting for you to become a "Citizen Lobbyist" for them. Here are some of them that are supported by a significant or overwhelming majority of Americans that will change America.  For example, want to...
Give women equal pay in America
Lower taxes/Raise taxes
Help fight climate change/Double down on coal, gas and oil
Help get money out of politics
Lower college tuition loan rates
Help fight income inequality
Reform Wall Street
Increase gun safety in America/Increase gun rights in America
Federally legalize marijuana
Help end the torture and abuse of animals in America?

There are bills for all of these, and more!

Do Candidates Even Listen? Does My Tweet or Facebook Message or Email Really Matter?

In this Facebook Live interview, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse explains that hearing from just 10 people who live in his district in ONE MONTH would cause him to take a serious look at a bill. Imagine what you and your friends could do if, between now and the election, hundreds of you told the candidates running for The House of Representatives, The US Senate and The White House, #Vote4ThisBillOrIWontVote4U

How Many Candidates Does It Take To Make My Bill "The Law of The Land?"

 279 is "The Magic Number of America."

Elect 218 of the 435 candidates running for The House of Representatives who have committed to YOUR bill and it will pass The House

Elect a bunch of the 34 candidates running for The US Senate (and persuade enough of those who will run in 2 or 4 more years) to reach 60 and YOUR bill will pass The Senate

And elect 1 candidate for The White House who will sign YOUR bill and YOUR bill will become "The Law of The Land" 218 + 60 + 1 = The Magic Number of America, 279

Send your candidates an email, Facebook message and/or a Tweet and tell them that you won't vote for them unless they vote for YOUR bill(s)!

This election is about much more than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Pick a bill, lobby your candidates, crowdsource the election of the 279 needed to make it "The Law of The Land" and VOTE to change America on November 8!



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