Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trumpists Want To See Executions Before Trials? Is That Deplorable?


A couple of weeks ago, WBUR did a poll for the 2018 Massachusetts Senate race, which may wind up as Elizabeth Warren versus notorious former Boston Red Sox pitcher, and outspoken Trumpist, Curt Schilling. No one was surprised that the results showed Warren way out ahead with 54% to Schilling's 29%. Schilling is an extreme right-wing psycho who hates Elizabeth Warren-- bad motivation for a senatorial run, but what does the GOP have to lose? Schilling, who was fired by ESPN a few months ago, is now a hate talk radio host who debuted his show a couple weeks ago with an interview with another extremist crackpot, Ann Coulter.

Sunday night Schilling posted a hate-filled screed on this Facebook page that certainly explains what he has in common with Herr Trumpf.
[S]omeone just asked me "Well what would your solution be"? With regards to yesterdays violence. Sitting in my officer here's what came to mind just spitballing. "Solution" denotes a remedy or cure. It won't be that quick. You must, immediately, suspend immigration. You must, immediately, deploy national guard to points of entry and border crossings. You must immediately stop ALL foreign nationals from entering this country via air. You must then gut the dept of immigration of corruption and other forms of illegal activity, you must create a set of NEW rules regarding immigrants emanating from countries that support terrorism. Unless an immigrant can PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt no links with terrorism, they cannot come here. You must immediately detain ANY and ALL illegal aliens linked to terrorism or terrorists, and ANY and ALL illegal aliens who have a felony on their record. You immediately return these illegals to their "home country". You must immediately create a bidding process for the private sector to construct their version of the Berlin Wall on our southern border. You pay for that with money and assets seized around the country in criminal arrests. Last year it was just north of 5 billion dollars. That should begin to cover the bill. We're america, we will take "your tired, your hungry and your poor" but NOT at the expense of American citizens safety and lives. Also? Anyone doing ANYTHING resembling the events of yesterday? You do NOT get your 'rights' under the law, you become an enemy combatant. Which means “No alien unlawful enemy combatant subject to trial by military commission under this chapter may invoke the Geneva Conventions as a source of rights.” The defendant does not have the right to file Habeas Corpus petitions and can receive the death penalty."
Now there's a brouhaha because Schilling has accused the Washington Post of lying about his post, inserting the word "accused" in a story entitled Curt Schilling’s solution for terrorism: Executions without trial. The Post lede was "The New York City bombing and other incidents over the weekend prompted Curt Schilling, the former Major League Baseball pitcher whose outspokenness led to his dismissal by ESPN, to take to Facebook to offer his solution to terror: suspend immigration and subject people accused of terrorism to execution without benefit of a trial."

OK, now you sort it out. I'd say Schiller's screed speaks for itself. I'd also say that he should be lots of fun for Elizabeth Warren. Thanks for reading DWT. Here's today's bonus-- a video that you might want to show your friends and family.

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