Thursday, September 22, 2016

Donald J. Trump Welshes On His Bets


Illinois Senator Mark Kirk is remembered by many for falsely claiming to be an Iraq War vet. Although he was in the Navy Reserves during the Iraq War, he never left the U.S. and his claims to be a war vet were patently false-- and are still false, as he does it again this year. Lying to the public about something like that used to be a major no-no. But is it any longer? Donald J. Trump lies every time he opens his mouth. He lies about small things and he lies about big things. PolitiFact has checked 305 assertions from Trump, all of them substantive and consequential. Only 10 of them were found to be true. Let that sink in for a moment. He's running even with Hillary Clinton for the presidency. 4% of his checked statements were found to be true. 10. True enough, another 29 statements were found "mostly true" and 37 more were found to be "half true," which is a nicer way of saying "half false." Of the 305 statement checks, 39 (15%), were judged to be true or mostly true. 229 were found to be lies. 70% of his statements were lies. No figure in American politics lies as frequently as Donald J. Trump. It's how he's run his entire life. It's what he is and what's he's always been all about.

At this point, unless proven otherwise, it would be a good bet to assume that whatever Trump says is false. The odds of you winning are gargantuan. And, speaking of bets... would it surprise you to know that Trump welshes on them? There's a lot going on in the media right now about how Trump has been using his so-called "charitable" foundation for personal and even political expenses.  I don't think average Trump fans care-- or even understand why that's important. This is a guy who-- along with his shady family and crooked associates-- almost half the voters seem comfortable with entrusting with the treasury? The guy who raids his fake charity? The guy who won't make his tax returns public and then lies about the reasons? Tuesday, at a rally in North Carolina, Trump was bragging to the audience of drooling imbeciles and racists that one of his modus operandi is to use other people's money. "It’s called OPM. I do that all the time in business. It’s called other people’s money. There’s nothing like doing things with other people’s money because it takes the risk-- you get a good chunk of it and it takes the risk." The audience cheered. He's grotesque; they're irredeemable morons. They're sending Trump an unprecedented number-- for a Republican-- of small contributions... and he's been using that money to pay his own companies and his family members outrageous, large amounts-- $500,000 last month alone. Leave it to Trump-- and that reprehensible crew of vultures around him-- to figure out a scheme to turn a political campaign into a commercial profit center!

But the Daily News video embedded at the top of the page is there for a different reason-- a related aspect of Trump's character. The guy welshes on his bets. Can you abide that? You know, recently someone asked me what I thought the weakest link is for would-be California governor Gavin Newsom. I don't like the idea of him getting into power because he's a corporate Dem and an untrustworthy, slick political opportunist. But the way I suggested to make people understand would be to talk about something Everyman (i.e., a typical voter) could personally relate to. In Newsom's case, its easy: he had an affair with his best friend's wife. What kind of a guy does that to his own wife, his best friend and the wife of his best friend? What does that say about Newsom's character, even leaving politics aside? Is he fit for public office? Could you really ever trust the guy?

And for Trump... well, there's so much that seems to slide right off his back. The desperadoes and morons-- two separate demographics-- who back him aren't hearing any of the messaging about him. They didn't hear it from Republican sources during the primaries and they're not hearing it from Hillary and her allies now. But why not try something pretty simple and basic that no one likes: the man welshes on his bets. He offered a million dollars to this schnook if he could hit an unlikely hole-in-one at a Trump-owned golf course. And the guy did. He hit a hole-in-one and there was a ton of press for the Westchester golf course Trump was trying to drum up some publicity for. Mission accomplished, right? Then Trump refused to pay. He wormed out of it because he didn't want to cough up the dough. What kind of a person is that?

The golfer took him to court and sued him and they wound up settling for $158,000, just under 16% of what Trump owed. And even then, he didn't pay it but used OPM-- other peoples' money (people who had donated to his fake charity) to pay the obligation. No one likes someone who welshes on his bets, not even many of the deplorables who look the other way on all the constant lies.

But, speaking of lies... this week's Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, which I'd bet the deplorables don't watch, got into that in a typically hard-hitting and very entertaining segment:

And Jimmy Kimmel? Just as entertaining when it comes to the poor, ignorant schnooks who have the IQ needed to pull on some clothes in the morning, but lack the brainpower it takes to recognize what Trump is and how dangerous he is to them and their families-- if they even care about themselves and their families. Most Trump supporters don't. Don't believe me? Watch:

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At 4:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump supporters seem immune to truth. What do they see in him? I just don't get it. Not one bit. A horror show for the USA waiting to happen. We will be so lucky if Hillary wins - I can't believe I'm saying that, but I really believe it now.


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