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Proposition: The Super Rich Should Be Taxed Again At The 90% Level-- Meet 2 Predators Enabling Trump


Darwin Deason (76) and His Own Melania, 5th wife Katerina (49)

This week This American Life featured a story of father-son team, two deranged right-wing parasites who have been working to destroy America from within, ever since Darwin Deason, the father, crawled out from under a rock in Arkansas. Zoe Chace spent 6 months keeping track of how the 2 parasites made their substantial political contributions, contributions that began, this cycle, with a $5,000,000 contribution to Rick Perry. The radio interviews were with the son, Doug, the lucky inheritor, who has nothing better to do than hate Democrats and "get his money's worth out of the presidential election... Doug is the one," she reported, "in charge of translating money into political power... He's more like an investor. He's looking around for the best place to put their money, the best Republican place. Doug ids a dedicated Republican. He does not miss an opportunity to insult Democrats in any context."

Like me, Doug starts his days off with a shake or something like blueberries and almond milk. "You're talking about Republicans, who are winners," he crows, "who know how to run their life, not Democrats who are losers and don't know how to run their life and want the government to give them a food pyramid to tell them how to eat." Remember, brilliant Doug, winner, gave $5 million to Rick Perry, the one who tried to look intelligent by wearing designer glasses. He referred to Carly Fiorina as "brilliant."
While Doug was meeting with candidates, Trump was making a big show of not being one of those puppets-- his word-- who depended on other rich people's money.

Trump: "And those PACs control the candidates. They totally control them. Carson is controlled by his PAC. Bush is controlled by his PAC. Rubio is controlled by his PAC-- and he needs a lot of water on top of everything else. Did you ever see a guy sweat like Rubio? I've never seen anything like it."

Trump was out there, conspicuously ignoring donors, Doug was ignoring Trump too.

Doug: "He can talk all day but you don't really learn anything.

... April 2016-- Doug and his dad have done all the due diligence. They took all the meetings; they have their guy: Ted Cruz. They put in a couple hundred thousand dollars into a SuperPAC for him and Doug has put in some time. He's calling other donors as candidates drop out, trying to win them to Cruz. Three days before the all-important Indiana primary, Doug helps pull off a big endorsement. He gets Indiana Governor Mike Pence to back Cruz.

Doug: "Mike and I are pretty good friends We're doing a big fundraiser for him here in Dallas on May 31... That fuck-off Hannity, Sean Hannity, what a lame... God, I can't stand him."

Doug's guy endorses Cruz, primary night arrives and Cruz drops out of the race.

May 2016-- there's one man standing and it's Donald Trump.
So what do the brilliant winners who know how to run their lives do? The ego-bloated father-song team decide to go meet with Trump and grill him. Instead he wraps them around his pinky without a blink of an eye. Parasite-the-Younger: "Am I excited about Trump? No... I'm not enthusiastic about Trump. I'm disappointed that Governor Perry's not going to be our next president of the United States. I'm disappointed that Ted Cruz is not going to be our next president of the United States. I think Jeb would have made a fine president... We had some really good options and I don't know what we're gonna get with Trump."

Doug is a big time Koch ass-licker. It's part of how he defines himself but when Charles Koch says he can't stand Trump and might even vote for Hillary, Parasite-the-Elder flips out and Parasite-the-Younger takes note (since Parasite-the-Elder still controls all the money and could cut off his allowance). Doug: "Charles Koch has certainly been one of the most influential people in my life. I admire everything that he does and what he stands for. I'm often accused of drinking the Charles Koch kewl-aide and as a matter of fact, I have it for breakfast instead of orange juice; I drink it at lunch instead of iced-tea; I have it with vodka at night. It's pretty nice." They think they're in a war against the 99% and they give most of their political money to the Kochs' umbrella organization, Freedom Partners, and to their favorite think tank, the Texas Public Policy Foundation-- a far right hate group disguised as an intellectual endeavor.

Doug brags how he and his father, Parasite-the-Elder, are going to march in there to Trump and force the truth out of him on where he stands on every issue. Trump saw them coming a mile away, two credulous moron bumpkins from Arkansas and Texas, and charmed the cash right out of their pockets without answering one single policy question. Trump told them a country is a business and has to be run like a business and that's exactly what these two idiots loved to hear. Maybe the 2 self-proclaimed "winners" should pay attention to what veteran business reporter Allen Sloan, who has been covering Donald Trump off and on for more than 25 years, observed in regard to the businessman, namely that the biggest problem a Trump presidency would pose for America is his lack of "impulse control," making him "incredibly reckless." So... how much cash? $900,000 to the Trump Victory Fund plus a Darwinian fundraiser at Laguna Beach and "a million or two or three" to a Trump SuperPAC. Trump gave them t-shirts. "You're talking about Republicans, who are winners, who know how to run their life." That money should have been taxed at 90%, the way it was when Eisenhower, who helped make America great for real, was president. The Deasons, like Trump, are entitled know-it-alls, but they'd be doing themselves a big favor if they read the report from Reuters today about the assessment bankers, lawyers and legitimate businessmen have made about Trump's so-called business skills.

As Art of The Deal author Tony Schwartz explained to the New Yorker's Jane Mayer, he listened in on every single Trump business call while he was writing the book. You can imagine him listening in on Trump's meeting with the two puffed-up imbecile Deasons.
“He was playing people,” Schwartz recalls. On the phone with business associates, Trump would flatter, bully, and occasionally get mad, but always in a calculated way. Before the discussion ended, Trump would “share the news of his latest success,” Schwartz says. Instead of saying goodbye at the end of a call, Trump customarily signed off with “You’re the greatest!”
Darwin and Doug Deason, America's worst kind of human garbage, loved hearing from Trump that they're the greatest

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