Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Gun Nut DSCC Chairman Jon Tester Goes To War-- Against Alan Grayson


Jon Tester, the disappointing senator from Montana and Schumer's puppet chairman of the DSCC, had a busy Monday. He voted with the Republicans-- as he often does-- against the bill to pass meaningful background checks for gun purchases. That's the HEAD of the DSCC. AND, he authorized a million dollar spend against Alan Grayson in the Florida Senate primary-- a spend meant to help elect Wall Street whore Patrick Murphy. (I remember when Tester used to whime to me on the phone every day about how Chuck Schumer was working to defeat him in his first Senate race, on behalf of a Wall Street shill not even as bad as Murphy, John Morrison. Tester sold out within microseconds of winning his primary, morphing into Morrison and becoming Schumer's lap dog, giving New York a third vote in the Senate.

Judging by the disclaimer in the ad above, which has Murphy approving it with a "paid for by the DSCC" disclaimed, this shows Tester and Schumer spending 441a(d) money, which is party money that is spent in coordination with the candidate.  There is a limit on that money in each election cycle.  If you spend it in the primary, you can’t spend it in the general election.  The only time that I’ve ever heard of the DSCC wasting this money during the primary before this year was when they ineffectively wasted money on "ex"-Republican Arlen Specter to harm Joe Sestak in 2010. Sestak won the primary anyway but the DSCC had no money left they could spend on helping him beat Pat Toomey, who won the general election by the narrowest margin of any Republican running for Senate that November. Now Tester and Schumer won't have money to spend against Rubio in November.

That money spent against Sestak in 2010 also featured Obama claiming Specter was a better candidate than the independent-minded Sestak. This nonsensical ad with Obama's voice claims Murphy has had his back in the House. The only thing Murphy did with Obama's back in the House was to stick knives in it. He was one of only a tiny handful of Democrats (all from the New Dem Republican wing of the party) to have not just voted for the Keystone XL Pipeline every time it came up but to vote for the disgraceful and unconstitutional GOP scheme to remove Obama from the decision-making process! Is that having his back? Grayson, coincidentally, was the congressman who began court proceedings to defend Obama's authority in the matter!

But that was just one of scores of examples of Murphy stabbing Obama in the back. Can you imagine a Democrat voting with the Republicans to establish the Benghazi witch hunt against Hillary Clinton? That was Patrick Murphy. The only other Democrats still in the House who voted for the establishment of the Benghazi Committee are two ultra-reactionary Blue Dogs, Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Collin Peterson (MN)-- just those two proto-Republicans and Murphy.

And then there's Obama's back in terms of Dodd-Frank. There is no House Democrat who's worked more diligently-- if not all that effectively, given his lack of talent-- on behalf of the banksters than Patrick Murphy. He is the go-to chump among House Financial Services Committee memberswhen they need a patsy to make their pro-bankster legislation appear "bipartisan" by adding a Democratic schnook as a co-sponsor. Ironically, it wasn't #DebtTrapDebbie Wasserman Schultz who co-sponsored the pay day lending scheme, it was Patrick Murphy, who has taken more money from the payday lenders than anyone else running for the Senate. In fact-- at $1,413,950 and counting-- Murphy has taken more money this cycle from the Finance Sector than any non-incumbent running for the Senate. The banksters have given him more loot than they've given to vulnerable Republican incumbents who have beens erving their interests in the Senate already, like Ron Johnson (R-WI), Mark Kirk (R-IL), Richard Burr (R-NC), John McCain (R-AZ) and Roy Blunt (R-MO)-- and nearly double what they;ve given any other non-incumbent from either party.

Wall Street sure wants Patrick Murphy in the Senate. And so does the powerful billionaire Al-Rashid family of Saudi Arabia, which has helped Murphy's father finance little Patrick's political career (and spot on the House Intelligence Committee). Papa Al-Rashid, one of the Saudi king's top advisors, donated over a million dollars to the Clinton Library and is giving even more to the Obama Library. A Joe Biden staffer, who has asked for anonymity, has also told us that Obama cut the spot for Murphy in return for a promise from Patrick's crooked parents to "help" with the presidential library. Nice... maybe that's what Obama meant by Patrick having his back!

On more thing... in 2013, the Shark Tank reported that "Boehner granted Patrick Murphy’s request to a private meeting to discuss Murphy’s possible defecting to the Republican Party" and then turned down his conditions and told him to stay with the Democratic Party. Help Grayson fight back against this Republican masquerading as a Democrat:
Goal Thermometer

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