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There's Only One Way To Root Out Wasserman Schultz-- By Replacing Her With Tim Canova August 30


Mika says Wasserman Schultz should step down. That isn't what tyrants do-- not even two-bit tyrants in a teapot... they grasp onto power until it is ripped from their hands. And then they lick their wounds and try again. When she was fired as the DCCC's Red To Blue chair for helping three favored Republicans beat 3 Democratic candidates, she bided her time, spread around sugar money and anti-Cuba money to strengthen her support and made several moves before winding up, catastrophically, as the worst-ever chair of the DNC. If the Republicans wanted to alienate the millions of Bernie supporters and get them to sit out the election (or vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein), they couldn't do a better job at it than Wasserman Schultz and Harry Reid are doing now.
Divisions among Democrats are deepening over Sen. Bernie Sanders’s response to a chaotic state convention in Nevada, sparking fresh questions about how, exactly, the party might put itself back together again.

Some top Democratic leaders have denounced Mr. Sanders’s reluctance to rein in his supporters after they disrupted the party’s Nevada convention. The Vermont senator has punched back with a stern warning aimed at the Democratic establishment. And with primary season entering the homestretch, unifying the Democratic Party now appears to be a steeper challenge than anticipated.

The animus between Team Sanders and Democratic officials was on public display late Tuesday night when the mere mention of party leaders spurred a chorus of boos from the crowd at the senator’s rally in California. Mr. Sanders and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz sparred from afar, exposing fissures in the party at the very moment that the party’s presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton, is seeking a united front... [B]y Tuesday night, Ms. Wasserman Schultz was making the rounds on cable news, castigating the presidential candidate for adding more fuel to the fire.

“Unfortunately, the senator’s response was anything but acceptable,” Ms. Wasserman Schultz told CNN, adding that Mr. Sanders’s statement did not amount to an unequivocal condemnation of violence and intimidation.

The senator appeared to excuse actions that are unacceptable, she said. She called on Mr. Sanders to make clear that such behavior is intolerable and take steps to prevent it.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) expressed disappointment as well, suggesting that Mr. Sanders had offered little more than a “silly statement.”

“Bernie is better than that,” Mr. Reid said.

Apparently Bernie's supporters didn't like being played for chumps by the Reid Machine, which worked to steal delegates with impunity. And then lied about "violence" from Bernie supporters, violence that was illusory but that the media was happy to accuse the Bernie camp of. (Someone lifted a chair threateningly but never did anything with it and, in fact, wound up hugging it out with the person he has been arguing with-- and this has been widely reported, thanks to Wasserman Schultz, as a violent chair throwing riot.

Most of the dissension and lies, the twisting of the Nevada story into a propaganda piece against Bernie, has been orchestrated by one hideous, loathsome individual, plus a hack who worked for Reid's ruthless political machine.
Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, pointedly accused Wasserman Schultz of undermining the Sanders campaign from the get-go and called into question her leadership.

“He categorically condemns any kind of threats that went on-- absolutely unacceptable,” Weaver told CNN on Wednesday before accusing Wasserman Schultz of “throwing shade on the Sanders campaign since the very beginning,” citing a limited debate schedule that featured weekend debates, the campaign’s revoked access to its voter data and a joint fundraising agreement with Hillary Clinton’s campaign that Weaver said takes money away from state parties and goes to the DNC.

“Look, I gotta say it’s not the DNC,” Weaver added. “You know, by and large, people at the DNC have been very good to us. Debbie Wasserman Schultz really is the exception.”

...“It’s been pretty clear almost from the get-go that she has been working against Bernie Sanders-- I mean, there’s no doubt about it-- for personal reasons,” he said, again ticking through the criticisms he launched earlier but this time adding that the chairwoman “appointed really hostile Hillary Clinton partisans” to head standing committees, too.

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz has really been a divider and not really provided the kind of leadership that the Democratic Party needs,” he said.

Weaver said he speaks with high-ranking Democrats at the DNC with frequency but suggested there isn’t consensus “in terms of her tactics,” calling the revoked voter data access last year a “unilateral” decision from Wasserman Schultz.

“Believe me, there was tremendous pressure inside the party structure for her to relent,” Weaver said. “I don’t really know what her motivation is, but it’s been clear there’s a pattern of conduct from the beginning of this campaign that has been hostile to Bernie Sanders and his supporters and she’s really become a divisive figure in the party.”
No, Mika, #DebtTrapDebbie isn't stepping down. How about inviting her opponent, Tim Canova, on your show and giving him a platform so he can continue making the case about why Broward and Miami-Dade voters should replace her with him? Even as tame a DNC spokesorgan as The Hill has noticed Wasserman Schultz is in trouble back home. While Wasserman Schultz and her allies try to paint Canova as someone without connection to the district, he has a large grassroots following, including several Florida unions, including the Communications Workers of America, the Transportation Workers Union and National Nurses United, as well as Broward County's DFA and the Progressive Democrats of America. Blue America was the first organization to endorse him (and you can contribute to his campaign here) and he has spent far more time in the district over the last four years than she has. One thing that has become very apparent is that there is far more dissatisfaction with Wasserman Schultz in her district than she seems to be aware of. Canova told The Hill that he's "not somebody who somehow jumped on the bandwagon recently. The stuff I’ve been campaigning on I’ve been writing about and preaching about for decades." Wassermann Schultz's support for the TPP was the impetus for Canova jumping into the race. He's raised over a million dollars from over 53,000 small contributions, while Wasserman Schultz is funded by special interests looking for legislative favors, which she is famous for delivering on-- if the price is right. She's widely considered one of the most corrupt members of Congress in either party. The primary is August 30.

Meanwhile she's enmeshed in a campaign finance scandal that damages her reputation for standing up for women. As we've mentioned before, Harry Reid returned $100,000 from a corrupt Saudi family, the Al-Rashids, who are connected to Patrick Murphy and looking to buy influence inside Congress. Yesterday the Florida Democratic Party sent back a check for $10,000 from Ibrahim Al-Rashid that he gave them to spend on Patrick Murphy. Several family members have contributed thousands of dollars to Wasserman Schultz and when Ibrahim Al-Rashid savagely beat his wife, for which he was found guilty in court-- Patrick Murphy's campaign finance director-- several congressmembers-- the most recent being Reid's PAC-- returned the money. Wasserman Schultz refuses to give up a nickel. She loves talking about the Republican war on women but why not follow the lead of the other Democrats who are returning the contributions, Debs? She got more from the Al-Rashids than most, of course, because she's more corrupt than most.

Oh... main point: Wasserman Schultz will never step down. Please help Tim Canova replace her... by clicking the thermometer:
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