Monday, May 16, 2016

The Democratic Party Is Creating Its Own Disaster


The Democratic Party is forcing Sanders voters to look at its real face and choose. Not the best move with November just months away (source; click to enlarge).

by Gaius Publius

Short and simple. It looks like the Democratic Party is on the verge of creating the disaster it's trying to avoid — its own destruction. Unless Sanders is nominated — in which case, the Party will be reborn as what it no longer is — the Party in November will offer to the people its true self and ask for the people's support.

That true self is expressed in the graphic above. That expression is, "I am the Party of lobbyists. I am the Party of Clinton. You are not the Party." The existence of the graphic also tells a second tale. Notice that it's handmade. Graphics like these say that many Sanders voters are learning this season to understand the Democratic Party the way writers like Thomas Frank understand it, and then to hate it.

That's especially true of independent (non-party-affiliated) Sanders supporters, of which there are many.

Reuters tracking poll filtered for likely general election voters, independents only. Yellow is Sanders (58%). Red is Clinton (14%). Orange is Won't Vote (28%). Won't Vote has double the support that Clinton has. Source; click to enlarge.

Recall that independents now make up over 40% of the electorate (43% to be exact), and that neither party can win in November without winning independents.

Again. The Democratic Party is teaching Sanders voters to hate the Democratic Party. The progress of this election, the growing popular resistance to the current version of the Democratic Party, and the Party's resistance to any attempt to alter the money-soaked way it does business, is putting on full and public display what the Democratic Party now stands for. People see it, and they don't like it. What an educational moment we're experiencing.

Look again at that graphic at the top. Can you not see the anger in the making of it? Can you not see the reason for anger in the content of it? Can you not see disaster approaching because of that anger? I'm one of those who won't like a President Trump. I don't know how to convince the Democratic Party not to give him to us.

Stimulus and Response ... and Response

It's all so self-inflicted. Stimulus — here's what Sanders wants to do for the Democratic Party and to its entrenched Establishment:

He wants to give the Party a gift, to recapture it in the name of the people it claims to support.

The response? Here's just one taste of the Party's public reaction, via remarks from a "senior Clinton aide" after her New York victory:
“We kicked [Sanders'] ass tonight,” a senior Clinton aide told me Tuesday night. “I hope this convinces Bernie to tone it down. If not, f--- him.”
"If not, f--- him." There's a lot more like that, a ton of it in fact, including what looks to me like obvious election fraud, which is also getting noticed. The battle over control of the Convention brings all of this into focus as well. In the struggle for power between the Party and the people, the Party is making what it stands for way too obvious.

How will Sanders' supporters respond if the Party establishment succeeds? Look again at the graphic at the top and then at the one in the middle. For the last time — the Democratic Party is teaching Sanders supporters to hate the Democratic Party. What could possibly go wrong?

Pride and a Fall

It may not be that Clinton brings just herself down. She may bring down the Party as well — with the Party's eager collusion. We'll look at what that could look like, the possible self-destruction of the Democratic Party, in our Look Ahead series. It won't be pretty, if it occurs, no matter how it occurs. The Party could lose by losing to Trump. The Party could lose by winning against Trump. The Party can only win by losing to Sanders.

If you're a Sanders supporter, it's still not too late. Care to help him defeat the Ed Rendells and Wasserman Schultzes of the world? Click here, and thanks!


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At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Patrick Martin said...

This is absolutely accurate. We are witnessing a completely avoidable tragedy. Thanks for writing!

At 2:18 PM, Anonymous wjbill said...

That survey (small population as it is) would be more interesting if a 3rd party candidate were offered as an alternative.

At 5:19 PM, Blogger jennifer said...

Well, if Hillary Clinton brings down the Democratic Party, this circumstance would be a fitting end as Bill Clinton is credited with creating this "third way" abomination of a corporation-loving, Wall Street-worshipping DINO-saur we've all been made to think is the Democratic Party for the last 25 years.

At 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to Jennifer: It's been closer to 35 years. The DLC, co-founded by bill, was formed in the very early '80s to raise corporate graft in exchange for policy favors -- as a response to the success of Reagan in '80.

Interesting, small sample notwithstanding, that 28% would not vote even with Bernie as a choice. WTF is wrong with these imbeciles?

Extrapolating: self-id'd Ds are 26% of the electorate; Rs are 23%; 58% of the 43% of Is is 25% of the total electorate. Makes for a close 3-way. Given that nobody except the sentient Is are "thinking" about Bernie as a Green/I, I wonder how those numbers might change if it became a reality. Would a lot of those 28% coalesce toward Bernie or are they relentlessly stupid?
And, of the Is, why is drumpf's name not mentioned? Certainly there are some number of Is that are seeking America's version of Mussolini/Hitler/Franco.

Personally, I'm done with democraps forever unless Bernie gets the nom. Any "party" in a supposedly democratic society that conducts itself in such an open and absolute antidemocratic way deserves to be shunned. I don't care a whit about its centuries of history and the legacy of FDR, HST and LBJ (the Great Society part... not the viet nam part). What it is now is fundamentally and totally anathema to democracy.

If all this nonsense gives us our Mussolini/Hitler, at least it will be the final end of the DNC and the Clintons afflicting the public. hopefully.

That's what we do. We eagerly and enthusiastically trade one affliction for another affliction. we can't seem to figure out how to make things better.

At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As things are developing wrt $hillbillary's illegal private server use, it isn't just about defeating herr drumpf.

If obamanation('s servile doj) refuses to indict for even one of several probable felonies, who thinks the drumpf doj will also fail to indict? show of hands.

or, if somehow $hillbillary beats herr drumpf (imagine a voter turnout of less than half AND drumpf finally sets himself on fire with some colossally stupid lie ... or 12), who thinks the R-controlled house will fail to impeach? show of hands.

It's looking like the DNC and the money are backing an irredeemable loser here... and they are going to back her right until she does her perp-walk.

It looks like the money and DNC are betting the farm on, as a last resort, the senate not being able to convict.

Bernie has been stripped and flipped and suppressed and defrauded... and he can STILL mathematically win it (if you discount the already bought $upper$).

$hillbillary might get the nom by hook or by crook, but will almost surely be either indicted or impeached.

Anyone need any further proof of the totality of the DNC's corruption? Bernie beats drumpf going away but the DNC and money are still going with $hillbillary the criminal and serial loser.

At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, as of 6-8, it looks like stupid voters and the dnc have succeeded in coronating the absolute worst D nominee in my lifetime. The party of FDR, HST and JFK is a dead and stinking corpse... but voters left of fascism still love the stench.

PUHLEEEEEZE, Bernie, run on the Green ticket. Or maybe coalesce the Greens with the 10s of millions who voted for you AND 10s of millions more who would have if they could (thanks to suppressive caucuses and closed primaries) and beat both the money candidates.

And throw drumpf in the pokey for his trump-U fraud. And toss $hillbillary in right with him for her various felonies wrt the unsecured server... and take a good long look at the foundation for money laundering and corruption. Maybe we can put slick willie where he belongs too.

Hey, a fella can dream. It's about **ALL** a fella can do these days.

At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another plea to Bernie to run Green along with some very agile rationalizations about possible outcomes:

Toward the end is a ludicrous rationalization about electors doing what they are told if either Bernie or $hillbillary wanted to form a coalition to beat drumpf.

Electors are not bound by anything except tradition in voting for the winner in their state (with only a couple of exceptions in our history). In this totally corrupt political "system", I can only assume that electors are no less bought or buyable than are the superdelegates to the convention.

But also it would be just as big a disaster if Bernie, having not beaten $hillbillary, would cede his electors to her in order to prevent the drumpf plague.

The Clinton plague would be no less a catastrophe... just tactically different.

Still, Bernie already has surprised me. But it would take a friggin miracle, more unlikely than the meteor that snuffed the dinosaurs, for Bernie to win in a 3-way.

He'd have to win enough states to get enough electors to win outright. $hillbillary would not, IMO, cede electors to Bernie (they'd try to bribe them first and then roll the dice with drumpf, which is what the money seems willing to do). $he has a few trillion in wealthy and corporate execs behind her who will make it rain for whomever it takes to get their $hill into the white house. And if it goes to the house, it'll probably be drumpf, though that's not a sure thing. An awful lot of house Rs may rather have $hill faithfully serve their big money donors than take a flyer on a drumpf wild card.

If Bernie can't win outright, he's never going to win via any of the secondary modes.

Anyway... Thank you, Bernie. For a few weeks there, I had some hope. I haven't experienced that since just before obamanation named a murder's row of corruption and evil for his first cabinet and staff in 2008.

I may never feel it again... but it was nice for a while.


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