Sunday, May 01, 2016

Taking Out The Blue America Billboard Truck Again-- This Time In Upstate New York


The DCCC has a new trick to help their corrupt conservative candidates steal primaries. Although it hasn't been reported in the lazy Beltway media yet, we've been getting reports from around the country that Steve Israel and the DCCC have been counseling their anti-working family candidates to give up on trying to win on ideas, values and policies and to use dirty tricks instead. Recently "former" Republican Mike Parrish succeeded in knocking progressive Lindy Li out of her Pennsylvania primary race by tying her up in court with baseless petition signature challenges.

Parrish's DCCC strategy drained so much money from Li's progressive grassroots campaign that when the notary public who had notarized her ballot signatures mysteriously failed to show up to testify, Li just threw in the towel and let the conservative Parrish walk away with the nomination last week unchallenged. Now he is likely-- after shattering Democratic Party unity-- to lose to weak Republican incumbent Ryan Costello in November.

In the Long Island district Steve Israel is retiring from, he showed one of his several cronies in the race, Jon Kaiman, how to file bogus signature challenges against progressive frontrunner Tom Suozzi, a battle Kaiman knows he will lose but which is meant to bog Suozzi down in expensive and pointless court battles.

Probably the most disgusting of the Steve Israel attempts to steal a nomination is what he's done in Syracuse, NY (NY-24), where two mediocre centrists, Colleen Deacon-- backed by Schumer-- and Steve Williams-- backed by Israel-- are fighting each other for the Republican-lite, establishment vote, while Eric Kingston consolidates actual Democrats in a campaign laser-focused on progressive policy ideas and true blue values. Israel told Williams to challenge Kingson's petition signatures and drain his grassroots small donor contributions. Fortunately, the local judge in the case has been ruling that Williams' challenges have been totally without merit... but the case moves to Albany for another phase this week.

What makes this all the more sickening is that while Deacon and Williams are just garden variety go-along-to-get-alone corporate Democrats, hoping to run a lesser-of-two-evils race against GOP incumbent John Katko, Kingson is the founder of Social Security Works and has long successfully battled Republicans like Katko and Paul Ryan to prevent them "saving" Social Security by cutting the benefits and privatizing it. Kingson is an increasingly rare Democratic congressional candidate, anathema to the DCCC, who actually stands for something and has a meaningful and substantive contribution to make in Congress.

So... Blue America is firing up our trusty mobile billboard truck again and taking Eric Kingson's message to upstate New Yorkers in Syracuse, Manlius, Fulton, Oswego, Auburn, Weedsport and into the eastern suburbs of Rochester. Can you help us with a little gas money? We want the truck to ply the highways and byways-- and city streets-- of NY-24 right up until the June 28th primary election. The picture up top is a rendering of one of the two billboards on the truck. Our Independent Expenditure Committee already paid for it. We'd like to raise the $12,500 it'll take to keep it on the road until primary day. Any contribution would be awesome; there are no contributions that are too small.

If you want to contribute to Eric Kingson's campaign directly, you can do it here but if you want to help Blue America with the mobile billboard specifically, just click on the thermometer below. Let's not let Steve Israel and the DCCC get away with these kinds of reprehensible anti-democratic tactics. If they do, I guarantee you, it will become standard operating procedure for them. Thanks!
Goal Thermometer

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At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another reason for Sanders supporters to tell Hillary to take a hike and vote alternately.

At 10:43 PM, Anonymous ap215 said...

Let's do this.


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