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#DebtTrapDebbie Loves Corrupt PACs And Corrupt PACs Love #DebtTrapDebbie Back


Is she schmearing cream cheese on your bagel?

This spring we've had occasion to explain the workings of the sleazy lobbyist and consultant-driven CBC PAC. Although many of the PAC's board are conservative Democrats, it really isn;'t about ideology as much as it's about corruption and careerism. Conservative Democrat Angela Rye is on both boards. Recently the Bernie-hating Rye (of Impact Strategies), who is currently angling for a job at the centrist-friendly MSNBC, blasted "white progressives" on her Twitter account for pointing out that the CBC is a virtual vacuum cleaner for bribes from many of the worst corporate interests in Washington. According to investigative reporter Lee Fang, she was responding to Black Lives Matter calling the CBC out for too cozy a relationship with Big Tobacco, although not even Rye could actually think someone is going to equate Black Lives Matter with the "white progressives" she hates with such a passion.

The CBC PAC takes money from the same crooked special interests as... Debbie Wasserman Schultz, so no one was too surprised when they endorsed her Thursday. Leslie Wimes, founder and president of the Democratic African American Women Caucus, writing for the Sunshine State News Saturday noted that a majority of the members of the CBC PAC board are lobbyists, among them some of the sleaziest lobbyists in Washington. Their endorsement of Wasserman Schultz does not signify any confidence from the black community in the corrupt Broward county congresswoman. "The African American community in Congressional District 23 is not feeling Debbie Wasserman Schultz AT ALL," she wrote. "Getting a pseudo-black organization run primarily by lobbyists to endorse Debbie isn’t worth a thing here in South Florida."
Notwithstanding the fact that Debbie’s support of the payday loan industry helps keep the African American community disproportionately trapped in a cycle of debt, paying upwards of 300 percent on predatory payday loans that Debbie doesn’t want legislated, Debbie has not addressed the main thing plaguing the African American community in her district.


In the words of Janet Jackson, “What have you done for me lately?”

What has Debbie done for the African Americans in Congressional District 23? If African Americans in her district held a forum to address issues with her, would she attend?

In reading the press release by the CBC-PAC, all they talked about was what Debbie supposedly did, of any significance, as DNC Chair.

Sorry Debbie, but you can’t mix that job with representing your community in Congressional District 23.

It has become abundantly clear that Debbie hasn’t been present in the African American Community in CD 23.

The fact that there was nothing substantial the lobbyists making up the CBC-PAC could name that Debbie did for African Americans in her district is pathetic.

I’m sure at the 11th hour Debbie will grab some black legislators and run through a few black churches.

She may even get Alcee Hastings and Frederica Wilson to get her a one-day buddy pass into the black community.

We still aren’t buying it.

Here's the fact: Tim Canova is all over Debbie Wasserman Schultz like a cheap suit and she is running scared.

Democracy For America endorsed Tim Canova, so Debbie called up her lobbyist friends and decided to kill two birds with one stone: 1) attempt to appeal to black people and 2) get an endorsement to break up Tim Canova’s string of news releases.

I knew Debbie was desperate for positive news coverage when she announced she had qualified to be on the ballot.


She needed to announce that?

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, that CBC-PAC board includes the following lobbyists:
Daron Watts: Purdue Pharma, makes OxyContin
Mike McKay: Navient, student loans
Chaka Burgess: Navient, Student Loans
Al Wynn: Lorillard Tobacco, Newport Cigarettes
Those are just some of the lobbyists, but you get the picture.

The CBC-PAC wouldn’t endorse Donna Edwards, an African American woman who was running for a U.S. Senate seat in Maryland, but they endorse #DebtTrapDebbie here in Florida?

Now, that could be because the person Donna beat for her House seat was none other than Al Wynn...

At any rate, the 13 percent African American population living in Congressional District 23 should get behind Tim Canova.

It’s time Debbie did something she has never done before:

Work in the private sector.
I couldn't have said it any better myself! And yesterday, the Tampa Bay Times named her progressive opponent, Tim Canova, Florida's political winner of the week, although #DebtTrapDebbie missed out on the Loser of The Week title by the skin of her teeth thanks to the cascading corruption revelations about her fellow New Dem, Patrick Murphy. So... if you agree with Leslie, please consider contributing to Tim Canova's grassroots congressional campaign-- towards the August 30 primary-- by clicking on the thermometer below:
Goal Thermometer

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