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The Democrats’ "10-Point Plan to Lose the 2016 Presidential Election"


 High rollers at the big table. Only Sanders wants to break up the DC insider game (source; click to enlarge).

by Gaius Publius

An essay with a title like "The Democrats' 10-Point Plan to Lose in November" (the actual title is longer) is certainly provocative. Turns out it's an excellent analysis. I referred to it once in an earlier piece — "Media Support May Have Set Clinton Up to Fail" — and focused on just the media-related comments. But I want to give you the bones of the whole below and invite you to read it through.

Are the Democrats setting themselves up for failure? I think so. Why would they do that? That's not explained in the essay, but as I've said many times, they'd rather lose to a Republican than lose to Sanders. The reason is obvious. Sanders is determined to take down the insider game they're all of them, Republicans and Democrats, playing — to their own mutual benefit and your inevitable decline. Protecting the game that enriches them all is job one, or it seems so, based on the behavior of the Democratic Party in this election.

Now to that 10-point plan...

The Democrats' 10-Point Plan to Lose in November

The author is Seth Abramson, writing at Huffington Post. He starts:
The Democrats Are Flawlessly Executing a 10-Point Plan to Lose the 2016 Presidential Election

One needn’t speculate about how the Democrats could end up losing the 2016 presidential election. In fact, a subtly complex, multi-part plan to do just that is exactly what the Democrats have been up to over the last six months.

Here’s a detailed report on the ten steps the Democrats are now taking to ensure they lose the White House to the Republicans in 2016:
Now the points of that "plan" with some brief comments:

1. Assume that Donald Trump will be the Republicans’ 2016 nominee, though it’s now clear he won’t be.

After some discussion, Abramson writes:
Trump has no chance whatsoever to secure the nomination at the Convention itself. Choose your reason: so-called “faithless” delegates; delegates who are free to choose whoever they wish after the first ballot; delegates “for Trump” who in fact were selected and seated by Cruz or Kasich; backroom Establishment machinations that sway delegates hoping to curry Party favor — all will conspire to deny the nomination to the man who Washington Post polling indicates would be, at the start of his campaign, one of the most unpopular political candidates in U.S. history.
His own best guess as to who will be the nominee is here.

2. Nominate the only person who can reunite the Republican Party once Trump failing to get the nomination has fractured it beyond repair.
Hillary Clinton is, in short, the only savior the Republican Party has left.

So the Democrats are working as hard as they can to nominate her, of course.
3. Fracture the Democratic Party by broadly supporting the Clinton camp’s attempts to smear Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

I discussed this point with added notes here.

4. Fatally underestimate the electoral chances of the two men now most likely to be the Republican presidential nominee in November: Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

Please note this if you think early head-to-head polling is inaccurate (my underscored emphasis):
Clinton supporters say that general election polling isn’t accurate in April. Unfortunately, we know from hard data that that’s not correct. In fact, according to studies, we’re right in the middle of a spike in general-election polling accuracy — right now, as in this minute. As Vox notes, “By the time we get to mid-April of an election year, polls explain about half the variance in the eventual vote split. And mid-April polls have correctly ‘called’ the winner in about two-thirds of the cases since 1952.”
5. Fail to nominate their most popular candidate, in particular the one with the best chance of beating Ted Cruz or John Kasich in the fall.

That would be Sanders, of course.

6. Freeze one of the most popular Democrats nationally, Bernie Sanders, out of the picture altogether.
In 2008, when Hillary Clinton lost a hotly contested presidential nominating contest to Barack Obama, she was rewarded with the second-most powerful executive position in the U.S. government: Secretary of State.

In 2016, the Clinton camp, determined to offend Sanders and his supporters, has leaked that if he continues to do well — winning about half the delegates in the primary season post-March 1st — they’ll consider giving him a good speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia....
Yes, you read that right. And there's more on that subject, Sanders' "reward," in the piece.

7. Reject Sanders’ call for a fifty-state general-election campaign.
If John Kasich is the Republican nominee, the entire Midwest — especially Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana — will be up for grabs in the fall. Given Clinton’s weak standing relative to Kasich in national and state head-to-head polling, if Kasich is the GOP nominee the Democrats will need to have a plan to pick up states they would not normally contest.

Polling suggests that Bernie Sanders could expand the Democratic map by bringing either into play for the first time or more firmly into the Democratic camp certain purple or even red states — Kansas, Missouri, Utah, Alaska, New Hampshire, Michigan — that Clinton might well lose in November should she be the Democratic nominee. ...
8. Do nothing whatsoever to address outstanding concerns about the character, integrity, and judgment of the Party’s front-runner.

After a discussion of the various liabilities she carries into the campaign, which she could (and should, to her benefit) work to mitigate, Abramson adds:
... Hillary Clinton appears to blame everyone but herself for the lack of trust the American people have in her. That’s a bad look for any politician, both because it ignores the concerns of voters and, moreover, suggests a candidate incapable of personal and political growth. There are many things the Clinton camp could be doing now to rehabilitate her image for the general election, and they’re doing absolutely none of them.
His list of the liabilities she could offset with not much effort is interesting, by the way.

9. Over-rely on the national media to set the political narrative for the campaign season, further alienating voters who want to vote for a candidate with vision.

I covered this point in detail here. My bottom line on his media point:
Has the media done the Clinton camp no favor in allowing it to act as it has? Abramson would say yes; as would I.
10. Ignore the youth vote.
More Millennials have a favorable opinion of socialism than capitalism, and they’re voting for Sanders over Clinton by approximately a 50-point margin. ...
And let's not forget independents. As I noted recently, they're numerous, necessary, and not "moderate Republicans." 

Abramson closes with this:
In sum, the Democrats are flawlessly executing a complex plan to lose the 2016 presidential election, slowly dismantle their own party apparatus, and become irrelevant in the next ten years. ... God help the rest of us.
To which I can only add — indeed.

What You Can Do

Blue America has endorsed Bernie Sanders. If you'd like to help out, go here. If you'd like to "phone-bank for Bernie," go here. You can volunteer in other ways by going here. And thanks!


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At 12:28 PM, Blogger Elizabeth Burton said...

For the love of all that's geographical, Pennsylvania is NOT a "Midwest" state. That is, unless Maryland and W. Virginia are, too. It's a Northeastern state and always has been.

At 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harry Truman once observed that if you give the voters a choice between a Republican (pick one) and a Democrat acting like a Republican (Hillary), the voters will choose the real Republican every time.

Makes the prognostication of a GOP victory against Hillary relatively simple.

At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Veritas: the money would rather elect a fascist would-be dick-tater (drumpf or kroooooze) or a free-roaming vapor (Kasich) than someone who would shake up their money-minting caper they've enjoyed for going on 40 years now.

One other thing that is not mentioned is the Ds' embracing of voter suppression and obvious fraud to make $hillbillary their nom to lose the election. Until now, the suppression and fraud (strip and flip) were to make a losing R into a "winner".

Maybe now we know why the Ds never ever did anything about the 2K and 2004 illegitimate elections. Az and NY both had obvious fraud on the D side and nobody will do anything about it.

The money will very soon have dug itself a hole it cannot get out of and there will be a crash that will make 1929 look like a pothole. $20T in debt and trade policy that nearly requires the usa to never ever make anything ever again MUST catch up with the .01% and it will be sooner than later. Frankly, if $hillbillary or any of the "official" Rs win, it'll be much sooner.

A Bernie win would probably not mean a lot since the money will still own and operate 95% of congress and the judiciary. But it WOULD mean that voters aren't largely a group of hapless imbeciles. Looks like we'll still have to wait for that to develop.

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed! Teh likely outcum of the DEM Myth 0'Merika 'contest' by Ms O'GenY is Despicable she's Bush-baby $TEP$ toward her democratic BushWhacking along with her Hillaridiot RodMan ClintAns !! Sieg Hellary !!!

At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After the 4-26 primaries, with suppression (and fraud?) and all, it looks like D voters are doing their duty with gusto in this plan.

Ironic that if drumpf wins the general, he'd owe it largely to blacks who voted for $hillbillary instead of the guy who would actually do them some good.

Sadly, still, black stupidity will cost them for another 4 years (at least).

When will American lefty voters, if ever, yank their pinheads outta their sphincters??

A comment about Bernie possibly endorsing $hillbillary: He should refuse to do it. *IF* he did endorse, even partially or qualified by $hillbillary lying about position movement left, he would only tarnish his own rep; and he would further encourage his millions of voters to either stay home or vote Green (which I will do). If he refuses, at least his own rep would remain untarnished. It's his only upside.

Is there any further proof needed that America has been in decline for 4 decades (only our vast natural wealth has kept us from totally imploding... so far) than electing an addled actor running on imaginary math, greed and hate; electing a dry-drunk cokehead who can't speak any language (twice); electing a neocon, neoliberal warmonger (though a little less so than others), utterly corrupt guy cuz he's black-ish (twice); and now nominating a rich f-tard running on a platform of manifold xenophobia and a MORE neocon, neoliberal, corrupt, warmongering "lefty" cuz she has a vagina (allegedly)?

Name any other era in American history where these f-tards could possibly be nominated or elected.

At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

as of 5-6, it looks certain that $hillbillary are going to coronated the money's next $hills and $ervants. Herr Drumpf shall be their opponent.

Fortunately for the Ds and DEVASTATINGLY to the entire world, one of them will likely win (PUHLEEEEZE, Bernie, Run as a Green or as I 3rd party and see if the 35% of voters who are Is will turn out for you and beat them both) and it may not depend on what $hillbillary does.

As we've seen for the past year, herr drumpf cannot help but iteratively set himself on fire. Like any emotional 7-year-old, he cannot help but broadcast all of his hate, hubris and greed... and if $hillbillary do it right, they can make him go on his hate rants hysterically. This will make it hard for a fifth or so of the normally rightwing voters to back him. And they wouldn't even have to flip to make a winner out of $hillbillary.

Like each of the past 8 prez elections, we lose either way. Probably an irretrievable loss at this point. No way to climb out of this hole any more.

Run Bernie Run.


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