Sunday, April 03, 2016

See, It's Not All Banksters Financing Her: LIUNA-- The Laborers Union-- Gave $4 Million To The Clinton Campaign


Hillary's single top campaign donor is George Soros, in so far for $7,039,800. I have nothing negative to say about him and I suspect he honestly believes in the status quo centrism she represents and isn't actually trying to bribe her or even guarantee any more access into the halls of power than he already commands. Still, I sometimes point to this gigantic contribution as evidence of why Hillary is the wrong candidate for a Democratic Party collectively sick to its stomach of the corrosive effect of big money on the political system and of rigged elections and a rigged economic system.

A reasonable response is "But look at her second biggest contribution, the Laborers Union, millions of low wage workers sending in their $27 contributions." But that wouldn't be accurate. The only non-billionaire among her top 5 donors, LIUNA (the Laborers Union) is a corrupt right-wing union run as a dictatorship by a corrupt, right-wing sleazebag, Terry O'Sullivan. O'Sullivan gave the Clinton operation $4,000,000, not individual laborers. I wouldn't attribute the same motivations to him that I'd attribute to George Soros. Last cycle O'Sullivan's #1 recipient of his union's cash in Congress was grotesquely corrupt New Jersey Machine candidate Donald Norcross ($20,000).

Predictably, O'Sullivan's biggest congressional chunk of change so far this year went to the same Senate candidate most handsomely supported by the Wall Street banksters: Patrick Murphy. Other major recipients of LIUNA largesse include Pennsylvania racist Lou Barletta ($5,000), vulnerable right-wing Florida Republican Carlos Curbelo ($5,000), Sacramento's most corrupt Democrat, Isadore Hall ($5,000), Long Island GOP freakshow Peter King ($5,000), Norcross again, of course ($5,000), House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair, Fred Upton ($5,000). So far this cycle, O'Sullivan has thrown $179,000 to over 40 House Democrats, including nearly every one that the Democrats are targeting in their bid to win back the House. The bulk of the money he gives to Democrats go to corrupt conservative New Dems and Blue Dogs like John Delaney, Jim Cooper, Scott Peters, Dan Lipinski, Terri Sewell, Kurt Schrader, Gwen Graham, Jim Costa, and Sean Patrick Maloney.

But my favorite LIUNA contribution of 2016 wasn't the money O'Sullivan gave Paul Ryan or any of his anti-union thuggish colleagues but the contribution to Nevada Assemblywoman and tea party congressional candidate Michele Fiore, best known for rhetoric so violent that she makes Trump seem like a hippie in comparison. Best known for her gun nut calendar and Christmas cards and for a bill to allow concealed firearms on school campuses (and day care facilities), she has also been telling her constituents that cancer is a fungus and can be flushed out with salt water. She owes the IRA over a million dollars in back taxes, took in over $6 million in her very fishy home health care service (whose license was eventually revoked) and has called for shooting Syrian refugees in the head. Terry O'Sullivan's gal (not Hillary, Michele): "I am not OK with Syrian refugees. I’m not OK with terrorists. I’m OK with putting them down, blacking them out. Just put a piece of brass in their ocular cavity and end their miserable life. I’m good with that." That's LIUNA-- and the $4 million they gave Hillary.

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At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the rank and file gets to decide who gets the endorsement, it goes to Bernie. Hillary only gets endorsements from captive executive boards made up of corrupt officials.


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