Thursday, March 10, 2016

Did You Know Herr Trumpf Owns A Modeling Agency?


Herr Trumpf, the Republican Party front-runner, is very hands on with his modeling agency, which imports foreign models and uses them as slaves.

He founded the firm, Trump Model Management, in 1999. Paris Hilton and Isabella Rossellini were two of their models. So was Melania, now Herr's wife and a potential First Lady. He uses the H-1B visa program to import them, which has proven very profitable. You may recall that Herr Trumpf has been an outspoken critic of the program and beat up on Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and, at a debate, on Little Marco, knowing full-well it was part of his own business model (fraud).

Trump is now the object of a class action lawsuit that exposes him for luring foreign models to America with inflated promsies of fame and fortune, which, like all Trump promises, were never delivered on. The girls were promised-- contractually-- between $75,000 and $400,000 a year and, after scam-like deductions for Herr Trumpf's operation, wound up with starvation wages. less than $5,000 for three years of work, for example.
A judge will decide by the end of this month whether to proceed with a proposed class action lawsuit filed by a Jamaican fashion model against Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump's modeling agency, the judge's office said.

Alexia Palmer accuses Trump Model Management LLC of lying to the federal government in its work-visa application that said she would be paid a $75,000-a-year salary while living in the United States, according to court documents.

Instead, according to court papers, Palmer received a total of $3,880.75 during the three years she was under contract with the agency. The complaint alleges “fraudulent misrepresentation” and violations of U.S. immigration and labor laws. It asks for $225,000 in back pay.

The suit was originally filed in October 2014. A decision on a pending motion by Trump Model Management to dismiss is expected by the end of March, the clerk for Judge Analisa Torres, who is presiding over the case in the U.S District Court, Southern District, told Reuters.

If Torres rules the case can proceed, it could revive attention on Trump’s foreign labor practices at a time when the celebrity billionaire's rise in American politics has riveted the world’s attention.

Trump’s lawyers have called the case "frivolous" and "without merit." In court documents, they said Palmer wasn’t an employee and was more than adequately compensated for a “very brief stint as a fashion model,” which they say amounted to less than 10 days of work over three years.
"No exceptions," he says on his campaign website

The crooked attorney who represents Trump is his frivolous law suits against anyone he ever gets into business with claims Palmer wasn't treated like a slave at all. "Anything she's saying about being treated as a slave is completely untrue. The greater demand for the model, the better that model does. In the case of the individual you're talking about, there wasn't-- unfortunately-- a lot of demand for the model." ABC News noted that "Palmer’s case comes as Trump is increasingly being questioned by his political rivals about his treatment of women and immigrants, and specifically, his frequent use of the guest worker visa known as H-1B. Both Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz took swipes at Trump about his use of foreign workers under the visa program. Trump has vacillated on the subject, defending his use of H-1B visas at his country club resorts, saying American workers would not be willing to take seasonal jobs as waiters and dish washers. He disavowed and then renewed his support for a position laid out in a recent statement, which called for an end to “rampant, widespread H-1B abuse.”

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At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"DownWentTrump" is going to be the new name of this blog once this story is fully aired out.

At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Dorothy Reik said...

Is it human trafficking if they have a visa?


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