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Which Side Will You Be On-- Schumer, Reid And Patrick Murphy... Or Alan Grayson?



I know first hand that Alan Grayson admires Hillary Clinton and has positive things to say about Debbie Wasserman Schultz but as he has appeared to shift more and more in favor of Bernie in recent weeks, the attacks on him and his campaign by the Democratic establishment have become kind of shocking, especially in light of polling that shows he's the Democrat most likely to win back the open Florida Senate seat. Schumer, apparently, would rather please his Wall Street masters and keep pushing their errand boy, Patrick Murphy-- even if it means losing the seat-- than be Senate Majority Leader instead of Minority Leader. Or maybe he and Tester and Reid are just eager to repay Papa Murphy-- a rich Republican and Donald Trump partner-- for the $33,400 he's given the DSCC this cycle.

If you follow DWT with any regularity, you would have known by mid-May that Schumer was plotting a character assassination job on Grayson. Wall Street owns him ($38,101,487)-- as well as Reid ($6,271,757), who engaged in his own ruthless character assassination this week, and Joe Biden ($3,982,922), who, judging by his record of Wall Street ass-kissing, is bound to jump into the fray next week.

Reid's corruption is legendary in Washington (and Nevada) but he kept a straight face when demanding Grayson step aside on behalf of Murphy and charging him with having "no moral compass" and calling his actions-- the ones Schumer invented-- a "disgrace the Democratic party." Grayson responded in a press statement Friday:
I'm running against a rigged system and the Washington Establishment, so it's no surprise that its departing figurehead, who failed so badly in the 2014 Senate races, relies on a false and misleading hyped story to try to pressure me out of this race. The reason why he is making such an absurd statement at all is that he knows that I’m well ahead in the polls, and heading for a strong primary victory.

Sen. Reid may well prefer corrupt Establishment errand boy Patrick Murphy, who routinely sells his vote to Wall Street lobbyists, and just last week hid from voting on his own bill providing amnesty to white-collar criminals. Patrick Murphy publicly called on national TV for cuts across the board in Social Security and Medicare, among other essential programs. Those are actions that truly disgrace our party and the Halls of Congress.

Sen. Reid managed to find a way to lose six out of seven open Senate seats in 2014, and lose six incumbent Democrats when the GOP lost none. Now he is personally attacking the clear choice of Florida Democrats, making the party into a circular firing squad.

The story to which he refers is replete with misleading statements, innuendo and outright lies, and despite that, there is nothing in the report that even suggest any improper or unethical conduct. I never used my Congressional office to advance any business interest or for personal gain, and to say so is utterly deceitful. I resent the attack on my 'morality,' and I question the morality and judgment of any elected official, much less one in my own party, who would sink so low as to engage in such a smear. Thank goodness that he will be gone from Washington, DC when I am sworn into the Senate.
Now, more than ever, Grayson needs his grassroots supporters to stand with him. Please contribute what you can. His message to supporters Saturday sounded like it was coming from a man with a very clear head about what the establishment is up to:
The Democratic Establishment: corrupt, mendacious sellouts.

There, I said it.

You’ve seen what I’ve seen. Take the Presidential campaign. The Democratic Party schedules Presidential debates during NFL playoff games, to try to ensure that no one takes any interest whatsoever in our Presidential campaign or our issues, so that name-recognition will carry the day. The Democratic Party cuts off one Presidential candidate’s access to the most important tool of campaigning, the voter file, not long before the first primary. The Democratic Party quietly repeals the prohibition against accepting campaign contributions from lobbyists.

God forbid that our voters might choose someone that our party elites might not want-- someone who is not as corrupt and feckless as they are.

Why don’t we just call it what it has become: the UnDemocratic Party... And the funniest/saddest thing is that the Party Politburo does it with one excuse and one excuse only: that they are choosing “the strongest candidate for November.”

Excuse me?

These are the losers who have taken us from +20 to -8 in the Senate, in just six years.

These are the losers who have taken us from +83 to -59 in the House, in just six years. Including the biggest wipeout for the Democratic Party in more than 100 years.

Six years ago, the Democrats controlled 16 state governments (House/Senate/Governor), and the Republicans controlled eight. The party bigwigs – these are the losers who now have left us with control of only seven state governments, while the Republicans control 27. They have taken us from +8 to -20, in just six years.

Our Party Politburo is so deeply incompetent that they shouldn’t even be choosing lottery ticket numbers, much less candidates. Based on their track record, I wouldn’t even trust them with paper vs. plastic. They would screw up a one-car parade.

And yet the party bosses want to seize the power-- from our voters-- to decide whom our candidates should be. Their motto is simple: “the voters be damned.” Or as Joni Mitchell once put it, don’t interrupt the sorrow.

They can’t win elections. They can’t improve the lives of ordinary people. And now they are polluting political discourse with their Candide-like nonsense that this is the best of all possible worlds, that change is just . . . too . . . hard, so forget about it.

My God, even when you’ve got nothing, when you’ve lost your job, lost your family, lost your home, lost your car, lost your health, you can still have hope. Hope for a better world.

And now the party bosses are trying to take that away from us, too. Here is their message: No hope. No change. No hope for change. Just shut up, while the party czars leech out anything resembling aspiration from politics.

If you are sick and tired of the Democratic Establishment draining life and hope out of politics, then make a contribution to my campaign today.

The party poohbahs have been going nuts trying to prop up my bought-and-paid-for Democratic primary opponent, even though-- get this-- he was a lifelong Republican until the month that he ran for Congress, and he “maxed out” to . . . Mitt Romney! Why? Because my opponent’s rich daddy, also a lifelong Republican, has given $1,500,000+ to the Democratic party and its bought-and-paid-for corporate candidates-- not to mention Super PACs.

And also because I embody the simple desire to make life better that they so despise.

I’m not the only one. The Democratic Establishment has been bought out by big multinational corporations, big donors and Big Money. And because of that, they have sunk so low as to attack those of us, me and other progressive champions, who have consistently stood by the party’s platform, so that they can elect more useless sellouts like themselves.

Our Party Politburo. As FDR said, “They are unanimous in their hate for me-- and I welcome their hatred.”

What’s at stake? Justice, equality, compassion and peace. Your future, my future, and our children’s future.

Actors sometimes ask directors, “what’s my motivation?” Well, there it is. That’s your motivation.

Courage-- now and forever,

Alan Grayson
Goal Thermometer

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