Saturday, February 27, 2016

South Carolina Voters Brought Trump One Step Closer To The White House Yesterday By Voting For The Candidate Whose Name They Recognized


After the South Carolina primary, Herr Trumpf said, referencing his own the feelings and thiose of his family, "We love the poorly educated." They are, after all, his base. He won all 50 delegates in South Carolina after receiving the votes of 239,851 people (32.5%), not just winning statewide but also in every congressional district. Hillary also owes a debut of gratitude to the poorly educated, which was also her base of support today in South Carolina although her win this evening was broader-based than just low-info voters. And, like Herr Trumpf, she won statewide and in every congressional district. She also won every single county in the state, unlike Trumpf, who lost two (Charleston and Richland). The only county where Bernie went over 40% was tiny Pickens County (44.1%)-- home of Clemson University-- and flush up against the border with Transylvania County in North Carolina. It was the scene of one of the 5 counties Obama won with his biggest margins against Hillary in 2008. Only about 7% of the county is African-American.

Her margin in South Carolina was gigantic: 271,367 (73.5%) to 95,840 (26.0%). Exit polls show she was much stronger with older voters (80%), with rural voters (74%) and with voters without college degrees (72%). Self-described "conservatives" backed her with 70%.

She actually won more raw votes in South Carolina than Trumpf did 271,367 (an astonishing 73.5%) to his 239,851. Hillary won 41 delegates to Bernie's 14. In 2008, a dozen delegates were Hillary's consolation prize.

And now for the bad news for the Democratic Party-- good news for the Republicans if Hillary is the nominee in November-- which came out of those same exit polls:
Voters 17-29 (the future of the party) went for Bernie 63-37%
Independents, without whose backing, Hillary will lose in November, went for Bernie 62-37%
Even in South Carolina, Democrats who most value Honesty and Trustworthiness went for Bernie 54-45%
Bernie came out on stage tonight after Hillary's big win, to Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World." Please consider contributing to his campaign and to the campaigns of the congressional candidates who are running on his issues and platform... right here on the ActBlue page.

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At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't pretend to know the motivations of the average individual black voters in South Carolina, but the leadership figures in the Congressional Black Caucus and in prominent black political and social organizations are not "poorly educated" or ill-informed. I am quite sure they are fully aware of the Clintons' dubious record of support for the black community, starting with Sister Souljah, the "end of welfare as we know it," the crime bill, the rise of mass incarceration and "we have to bring them to heel." A presidential fondness for soul food and a few licks on a sax didn't change life in the 'hood for the better. I assume they are also aware of the Clinton reputation for long memory.

I think a good part of the overwhelming support (so far) for Hillary among the black leadership and electorate is born more of a simple political calculation than gratitude. People have decided that the odds greatly favor Clinton winning both the nomination and the presidency and they have placed their bets.

More than that, black leadership knows that right now their constituents comprise the strongest leg of Hillary's base coalition. That's worth something and I hope these leaders are deciding what they will demand in payment from the new administration.

At 11:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid what the black leadership will demand is a share of the largesse from the Clinton foundation and a few jobs for friends. Very little of this will trickle down to the voters who will continue to be eviscerated by Clinton's neoliberal trade and economic policies. Much of the black leadership is just as corrupt as the white leadership.

At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary won black millenials. She only lost millenials over all because Sanders beat her among white millenials so badly.

At 12:48 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

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