Sunday, February 28, 2016

Herr Trumpf-- Vicar Of Christmas Trees, Scourge of The U.S. Constitution


When I woke up and switched on the TV this morning, the first thing I heard was the bratty voice of an newly empowered Marco Rubio cracking school yard jokes. "Donald Trump likes to sue people; he should sue whoever did that to his face." And there was something about a spray tan. But don't get distracted by the canned jokes about Herr-Force One that Rubio's comedy writer is giving him. Truth: Trumpf is an authoritarian and a fascist. He may seem like a harmless bag of wind and a buffoon but his ability to tap into a vein of Hate Talk Radio's ginned up tight-wing victimhood is a real danger to this country. Colin Taylor, writing for OccupyDemocrats over the weekend showed how effortlessly Herr Trump manipulates "the poorly educated." Trump's support base is more accurately described as "Life's Losers," the infuriated people-- enabled by opportunistic Republican strategists and Hate Talk Radio hosts shilling for ad dollars-- who modernity has left behind and who have no compunction about collapsing the entire system. You think Bernie is for revolution? Herr Trumpf's followers are ready for the reactionary backlash before the revolution even comes.

The video above shows exactly how he bonds with the imbecile: "We're going to say Merry Christmas now on Christmas." And the audience erupts. Encouraged by the reaction, he goes off: "We're going to start going to department stores and stores and you're going to see big beautiful signs that's gonna say 'Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday and we;re gonna have a big, big, big lotta fun. And we're gonna get rid of that. We're gonna get rid of that. That's one of the first things I wanna do."

Get rid of what? The Constitution? The separation of church and state? Taylor: "Overshadowed by the superficial media circus focused on Chris Christie’s endorsement of Trump at today’s rally in Fort Worth, Texas, the media missed an extremely alarming part of Donald Trump’s aimless and convoluted monologue. He took his pandering to evangelicals and religious extremists across the country to a new height by proposing to end the law that bans the participation of churches in American politics and to establish “the strongest Christian lobby” (as if the Republican Party isn’t one already), once again demonstrating a flagrant disregard for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It cements his campaign as a political movement tailored only to white Christians, callously disregarding all the millions of Americans who don’t fit into that demographic and wish to live their lives free of the moral judgement and puritanical rules of the religious extremists who now dominate the Republican Party."
At the rally, Trump brought out Pastor Robert Jeffers, who endorsed Trump and lauded his “pro-life” credibility (despite his long history of being pro-choice prior to this election). Jeffers, who happens to believe that the Pope is the “anti-Christ,” complained to Trump about the inability of churches to endorse candidates without losing their tax exemptions-- which Trump immediately said that he would change, implying that they would be allowed into politics while keeping their tax exempt status. Tax-exempt churches make a jaw-dropping $82 billion dollars a year, which is often used by hypocritical pastors to finance lavish lifestyles for themselves. Allowing churches into politics without losing their tax exemption would simply be pouring even more dark money into politics-- not to mention an outrageous violation of the Constitution, which would almost certainly be an impeachable offense.

It is extremely alarming how much power that Christian religious extremists have in this country. They are relentlessly pushing a puritanical agenda that the Taliban would find acceptable down the throats of the rest of secular America-- defiling the values of religious pluralism and secular governance that the Founding Fathers they claim to love so dearly laid down as the foundation of our nation.

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