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Who Backs Bernie And Who Stands With The Discredited Establishment?


Remember, when Bernie, then an independent caucusing with the Democrats in the House, became disgusted with the Democrats’ turn to the right after the Reagan years, he started the Congressional Progressive Caucus in 1991, which now has 68 members in the House. At one time Nancy Pelosi was a member. Shamefully, only two of the current members have endorsed him, co-chairs Raul Grijalva and Keith Ellison. The rest have either remained neutral, attempted to be supportive of both campaigns or endorsed the establishment, anti-progressive candidate who is proud to call herself a centrist (unless she's speaking to a progressive group).

The first two names on the alphabetical list of Hillary's endorsers are New Dem Pete Aguilar (CA) and Blue Dog Brad Ashford (NE), two especially bad right-of-center Democrats, although Ashford is an "ex"-Republican and generally votes with the GOP on most crucial roll calls. It makes complete sense for members like Aguilar and Ashford to endorse Hillary. She's their kind of candidate. There are dozens of other right-of-center Democrats on her list but there are plenty of members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Bernie founded, including not just wind-up doll progressives but some of the hardest charging and most dependable liberals in Congress. Here's a list of the members who haven't endorsed either Clinton or Bernie:
Barbara Lee (CA)
Frank Pallone (NJ)
Peter Welch (VT)
Alan Lowenthal (CA)
Mark DeSaulnier (CA)
Alma Adams (NC)
Pete DeFazio (OR)
Chaka Fattah (PA)
Sam Farr (CA)
Blue America has an Act Blue contribution page for Bernie that includes all incumbents-- Grijalva and Ellison-- and all congressional candidates who are running for Congress who have endorsed Bernie for president.

The latest Fox poll of New Hampshire Democratic primary voters (January 4-7) shows Bernie not just still beating Hillary, but surging while she drops. Bernie has gone from 45% to 50% and Hillary has fallen from 44% to 37%. The pollsters all asked the participants how satisfied they would be with the winning candidate. This augers really badly for Hillary in November if Democrats are reckless enough to nominate her.

51% of voters say they will be very satisfied if Bernie is the nominee, 34% say they will be somewhat satisfied (85% combined) while 13% are not very satisfied or not at all satisfied.

In Hillary's case, only 37% of Democratic voters say they will be very satisfied and 31% say they'd be somewhat satisfied (just 68%) combined. a full 30% of Democrats say they will either be not very satisfied or not satisfied at all. So who's more electable?

I guess it isn't only Herr Trumpf talking about polls now! Today in Ohio, Bernue discussed a New Hampshire poll (video below) which included head-to-head match-ups. Both he and Hillary beat each Republican but in light of Clinton's artful but completely bogus claims that she's the only one who can stop the Republicans, Bernie laid out the numbers for each Republican candidate.

Jeb- Bernie beats him by 12 points, Hillary beats him by 6
Dr. Ben- Bernie beats him by 19 points, Hillary beats him by 11
Cruz- Bernie beats him by 20 points, Hillary beats him by 8
Rubio- Bernie beats him by 14 points, Hillary scrapes by by 3
Herr Trumpf- Berniue beats him by 20 points, Hillary beats him by 14

Sorry, no information on Huckabee or Fiorina. But it's clear, nominating Hillary Clinton is just too risky. It isn't fair that the Republicans have spent tens of millions of dollars and several decades demonizing her, but they have and the impact of that shows up in those numbers.

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At 2:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a recent national poll of each possible Den candidate vs each passenger in the GOP KKKlown KKKar? Is there one coming up? (Need to try to talk some fact into the heads of Generalisssima-supporting friends who claim "Sanders can't win."


1) You have "Bernie" spelled several different ways, e.g.: Bernue, Berniue, after "I guess it isn't only Herr Trumpf " and after "beats him by 20 points, Hillary beats him by 14," respectively.

2) "a full 30% of Democrats" > "A full 30% ... "

At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wrote to my congressman. He's in the CPC and has joined one of Clinton's "Leadership Councils", but as far as I can tell he hasn't made any official statement endorsing her yet.

I have no idea if this kind of thing can be influential at all, but I figured it can't hurt!


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