Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pennsylvania Senate Candidate John Fetterman Endorses Bernie Sanders For President


I got a call from John Fetterman today. He was in New York, killing some time before his appearance on tonight's Larry Willmore Show. "I thought you'd want to know," he blurted out, "I just endorsed Bernie." Wow! That came out of the blue... oh, not the call. I've talked with Fetterman a few times before-- he even did a guest post for DWT-- but I had no idea he was going to buck the Clinton Machine like that. Immediately after John's announcement, the Schumercrat in the race, Katie McGinty, was instructed by Schumer or EMILY's List or Bob Brady or whoever pulls her strings this week, to endorse Hillary. So she did. She is extremely obedient, which is what Schumer loves about her; he knows a guaranteed vote in his pocket when he sees one.

As for Sestak, his campaign manager was clear and to the point. "Joe just focuses on the people of Pennsylvania so that he can continue to serve them." I remember from the old days when Sestak was in Congress his expertise as an admiral was often called upon by others and he worked closely with both Hillary-- on Agent Orange-- and with Bernie-- on how to better serve the needs of veterans. He's always expressed tremendous admiration for both of them, so I can't see him endorsing one over the other.

Fetterman posted his reasoning for going with Bernie on a compelling Daily Kos diary:
Not a lot of people hold our political process in high regard.

And why would they? Millionaires and billionaires can go shopping for candidates like it’s a trip to the grocery store. Giant corporations are buying elections and rigging the system in their favor, and establishment politicians have forgotten where actual people fit into the equation. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

Bernie Sanders and I are both running for the same reason: we believe that politics is about standing up for people instead of catering to corporate influence. We represent everyday working people who have been cut out of the political process by big money.

Doylestown mayor Ron Strouse recently called me “the Bernie Sanders of Pennsylvania, but with better hair.” All joking aside, I considered it high praise. Bernie is progressive, he’s authentic, and he’s not for sale.

The establishment has their chosen candidate in both of our races, and we both went into this knowing it would be an uphill battle. Bernie’s proven that you can run a strong campaign without selling your soul to billionaires. Which is exciting, because we badly need people in office who aren’t afraid to stick their neck out for working people.

For ten years as Mayor of Braddock, I’ve confronted massive inequality, the result of an economy where wealth only goes to those at the very top, while the rest of us are left behind. There are towns like ours across Pennsylvania, and throughout the United States. Bernie gets this. He’s never shied away from the inequalities plaguing communities like Braddock across the country.

Though our races are very different, the issues are very much the same. Bernie Sanders is going to do for this country what I want to do for Pennsylvania: confront inequality in all of its forms. Supporting the interests of working people over the establishment is the easiest choice I will ever make. I'll always choose the innovator over the evolver. I’m proud to have Bernie’s back in Pennsylvania.
So... you can now contribute to John Fetterman's Senate campaign on the same Act Blue page you use to contribute to Bernie's campaign (or Tim Canova's or Keith Ellison's or Alex Law's...). Building Team Bernie for a more progressive Congress!

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