Friday, January 15, 2016

Oh Yes, There Are Trumpf Fans Even In Certain Parts Of California-- Hagar Country


Indio, a small city of 85,000 in Riverside County's Coachella Valley, is 127 miles from L.A. and 98 miles from Mexicali. Somewhat over two-thirds of the population is Hispanic. Riverside County, along with San Bernardino County, part of the "Inland Empire," is a big meth-manufacturing and distribution center. We can smell it when you drive around some towns. I saw a lot of people missing a lot of teeth last time I was out there.

A friend of mine has a home in Palm Desert and she was out there a couple months ago and, for a hoot, went to see Sammy Hagar-- the Red Rocker-- when he played at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio. Sold out crowd. George Lopez was the emcee and at one point he went down the road towards some Trump humor and tried to get the crowd into some anti-Trump give-and-take. Probably a big mistake at a Sammy Hagar concert anywhere. But my friend was shocked at the response at this one. The audience started booing Lopez and boo-ed until he got off the stage. They drove him off the stage. She told me the average age of the concert-goers was 50-something. Not kids in their 20's-- guys in their 50s!

Sammy's a Republican-- from Fontana originally-- who moved to Marin County, which is where he and I became friends. Fun guy. But a Republican. Recently Andy Greene did a piece on him in Rolling Stone, and asked him if he had any thoughts on Trump.
Oh, boy, that's the touchiest thing I've ever seen in my life because I like the fact that he's shaken up the political world, which needed to be shaken up. Everyone has been so dishonest. The politically correct thing is about to drive me out of this country. You can't do anything or someone's going to sue you. You can't say anything or an organization comes down and blackballs you. You can't talk about any race on the planet and call them by any name that's even close to sounding like you're a racist, even if you're not. You just get dogged and blackballed.

I love the fact that Trump is saying, "Fuck all you people" and just beating them up and talking shit and busting their balls. I like that part of it. But I'm not sure that's the man I want as my next president. But maybe we need somebody that radical.

Do you see a scenario where you'd vote for him over Hillary Clinton?

Oh, fuck, that's a tough one. I've got nothing against Hillary, to be honest with you. And what they're crucifying her for is just total bullshit. It's just like everything else. I mean, come on. She erased some emails or something. I know it's not good for security and all that, but I'm not a political kind of guy. So I'm going, "Hey, you all think the president of the United States-- Obama or Reagan or anybody-- never fucked up?" They all fucked up! Clinton, look what he did in there! They're human beings.

I just wish Trump wouldn't be so tough on Mexicans or the rest of the Hispanic population. From my judgement of living in Mexico and having businesses down there, they are family- and God-loving people. There's bad seeds in every single race on this planet, but the Hispanic population comes to this country because they want to work. They want to better their lives and feed their children.

And Trump says they're rapists.

That is insanity. That I have a real hard time with because I know different. But I'm sure there are people who have done everything. But if you want to take each race, and someone needs to do a survey and say, "How many did this? How many did this? How many did this?" I doubt if you'd find the Hispanics are the guilty ones on this planet or in this country. Every Hispanic I know that works for me, both in Mexico and in America, are my favorite employees, the hardest-working guys, the hardest-working ladies. They are just good people, and they carry their babies on their shoulder and go to work. They're just good people; they're not abandoning their kids and shit. That bothers me. If Trump would leave Hispanics alone, he could probably be president of the United States.

How can you tell who's a meth freak and who's a Trumpf fan?

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At 12:24 AM, Blogger Daro said...

I know you posted it as a joke but those "faces of meth" really annoy me.
1st, in this particular photo, the guy is obviously pulling a stupid face so no fair. He actually has less wrinkles ion his forehead if you closely.

2nd, the "after" photo is obviouasly always older than the 1st so we should more honestly call them "faces of aging".

3rd, Easy to blame a demon drug rather than the street living that's resulted at least partly from getting a criminal record for a non-violent offence that's prevented finding any work or shelter, or anything else socially complex.'s meth!

4th, the cops get to pick these photos out of 10's of thousand, if not more. It's worse than wartime propaganda. I can guarantee you some people look better after taking meth. I know a guy taking it for 15 years and works in a bank. Looks fantastic. Women all over him all day, all night.

5th,it's demonizing the poor again. I never see a Randolph or Mortimor Duke in these photos. Interestingly, you almost NEVER see a black person in these "exposes" either because the people releasing them know full well how prejudice-inducing they are and they want to avoid the racist tag. But shitting on the image of poor people in general? Have at it, hoss!

6th, it's not any kind of a PSA. It's just a lowest-common-denominator appeal to guffaw out loud at those less fortunate than ourselves. I wouldn't laugh at a genuinely indigent person but that's what's asked of us here. Anyone who's seen or felt the sting of the Law in some egregious manner sees the Police as bullies and "faces of meth" is a sneer not a warning.

Anyway, back to the show.

At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one on the left is clearly Dennis MIller.

At 5:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daro: Thank you for your remarks. When the Clinton Democrats decided to abandon the Roosevelt Coalition and become a party of the middle class - which they then went on to do so much to help the Republicans destroy - we became the Other Party of Sneering at the Poor: look at those drug addicts and alcoholics - what's wrong with those people?; look at those factory workers - why don't they get a college education and make something of themselves? look at those racist crackers - why are they so stupid that they keep voting against their self-interest?

My home city used to be a center of aircraft, auto and musical instrument manufacturing, but the manufacturing jobs are almost all gone now, save one large auto plant. If it goes, we are screwed. Our Information Age jobs are in data processing and transportation of the most menial and degrading kind, and even so, there still aren't enough of them to a lot of people even minimally employed. A lot of the existing housing stock is decrepit and lead-filled. Downtown has been abandoned by everyone except the drunkies and junkies (heroin having replaced meth as the main drug of choice) and the elderly on whom they prey. BTW, the city is almost entirely white.


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