Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Your Tuesday Night Crackpot: Jim Ryun


The Madison Project is another Republican Party far-right extremist organization. It was founded in Virginia about a decade ago to help fanatic anti-Choice Republicans raise money and develop strategies. They are generally considered crackpots and the candidates they support tend to be crackpots as well, few of whom ever get elected. Two exceptions-- not as a crackpots, but as electoral success-- were homophobic bigot Marilyn Musgrave (CO) who served 3 terms-- and was voted the most conservative member of the House by the American Conservative Union-- before the voters dumped her by a wide margin, and New Jersey/Wall Street corruptionist Scott Garrett currently serving his 6th term. Their board of directors includes well-known sociopaths like Paul Weyrich and Tim LaHaye and their President is Jim Ryun, a neo-Nazi type from Kansas who was a congressman for about a decade before beiing defeated by Democrat Nancy Boyda in 2006, partially because his secret relationship with child predator Mark Foley (R-FL) was exposed. When he tried running again, a mainstream conservative ran against him and... well, it wasn't a good year for neo-Nazi types; he lost. Angry, he finally found a job-- for him and his son, Drew, at the crackpot Madison Project where they sit around bitching about how Ann Coulter isn't far enough right and how Republicans should "take her endorsements with a grain of salt after she peddled the ultimate shyster and con-man-- Chris Christie-- on her readers."

Since inception, they've managed to raise just $551,401 and most of the money they've spent has been on losers like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. Last cycle, their biggest "investments" were for radical right losers Chad Mathis ($64,756), a KKK freak who came in a very distant 4th in a GOP primary in Alabama, Chris McDaniel ($21,400), another KKK guy, this one who lost to a walking corpse in Mississippi, and Igor Birman ($10,450), a Russian fascist who came in a distant third in a primary in California, but not before poisoning the well for the Republican victor, who then went on to lose to a weak and feeble Democrat.

In 2014 their PAC, the Madison Action Fund, spent $350,555, much of it from 2 big right-wing donors, Cary Katz ($105,000), founder and chairman of the College Loan Corporation, whose business model is ripping off students, and Richard Uihlein ($75,000), a Scott Walker million dollar donor and the unaccomplished son of the founder of Uline Corporation. They wasted most of their money attacking mainstream conservatives like Thad Cochran and Mike Simpson on behalf of neo-Nazi types in the Ryun image.

So this morning, wasn't I surprised when I was the recipient of some spam from Ryun attacking more conservatives for not being conservative enough and then asking for money. He was all worked up because-- last year I think-- Mitch McConnell called right-wing lunatics like Ryun "profoundly stupid" and "traitors." Ryun wrote "He thinks we should be 'punched in the nose.' Instead of listening to conservatives, our leaders call us derogatory names and ignore the will of the American people" and then insisted his pathetic and serially failed little operation is "the nation’s premier PAC dedicated to electing the next generation of true conservative leadership." He claims his dinky purism PAC is responsible for the elections of Ted Cruz, Matt Bevin and Mark Meadows, all demonstrably false.

Most Republicans in Congress hate Ted Cruz; Iowa lunatic Rod Blum isn't among them

This year, Ryun is backing two crackpots against Blue America candidates, Pat Murphy (D-IA) and Alan Grayson (D-FL). In Iowa their candidate is Rod Blum, a multimillionaire member of the so-called Freedom Caucus. "His first vote on the floor of the House of Representatives," wrote Ryun, "was to vote against John Boehner for Speaker. Since he's in a hard blue district, he needs our help to win his first re-election campaign." And his Florida candidate is freshman teabagger Ron DeSantis, who hopes to be the GOP nominee to take on Grayson for the seat lazy Marco Rubio is giving up for a vanity run for president. DeSantis, Ryun said, "has stood with his constituents against GOP leadership for the hardest votes, and we know he'll continue to do that in the Senate." He then babbled on about how they only support candidates that take a proven and unwavering stand on the conservative principles we hold most dear, including:
++    Limited government;
++    Free Market solutions;
++    Freedom and liberty;
++    Reduction on government bureaucracy;
++    A deep respect for the sanctity of life; and
++    Commitment to our right to keep-and-bear arms.

In other words, we DO NOT support politicians like simply because they have an “R” next to their name.

Spineless Republican politicians are just as much to blame for the state of our country as the liberal Democrats.
Organizations like the Madison Project and lunatic fringe nuts like Jim Ryun make it easier for progressives to win seats. If you'd like to help, you can beat Blum by supporting Pat Murphy on this page and beat DeSantis by supporting Alan Grayson on this page.

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