Thursday, November 12, 2015

We Get E-Mails


Oh, yes... we get so many of them. And this year, all the Republicans have started sending them too. Most I just delete before opening. But sometimes I get tricked into opening one... and that pisses me off. You too? Recently I got one from a Democratic candidate I like and the subject line said "personal." He usually calls me when it's personal but I opened it anyway. And it was just a stupid mass-messaging spam e-mail, almost identical to ones I had been getting all week from DCCC-advised candidates with empty platitudes about how we "are quickly approaching the one-year-out mark for Election Day."

I wrote him a quick note:
You can file this advise under "worst practices" if you like but I suggest you take it to heart. The progressive donor base-- which the DCCC would like to do away with entirely-- is furious when Democrats use DCCC tricks (like "personal email" in the subject lines) and there has been considerable agitation towards a significant backlash against politicians who do it. Word to the wise: apologize to your list or at least don't do it again. I assume some imbecile Beltway fundraisers came up with this brilliant "strategy." Chances are they will have more terrible advice for you in the future. Be wary,
I thought he might be angry at my tone, but, no, his response was actually pretty good:

"Howie, duly noted.

Yes, the DCCC is doing our emails and it has been quite frustrating! Yes, it's free, but this has been something we have been discussing internally.


He's a smart boy and I knew I didn't have to point out that "free" could be very costly. Let some imbecile wet-behind-the-ears staffer from the DCCC (or similar organizations like EMILY's List) take over your campaign and operate your crucial campaign functions like communications and you are doomed, really, absolutely doomed. The DCCC are good for one thing: bank... and fulfilling any requests that a candidate might want to ask them to do-- like introductions to incumbents or to donors in the area. Other than that-- advise to candidates-- stay far as away as you can or you'll have more spam sent out in your name that say "personal" and after you lose the election, they'll burn you by selling your mailing list.

By the way... how cool is this?



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