Monday, November 30, 2015

Is There A Connection Between Patrick Murphy's Over-The-Top Corruption And His Campaign Emails?


The DCCC may be stupid-- or even very stupid (as well as utterly incompetent)-- but their e-mail strategy is very well-planned out. Their overarching goal is not primarily to rake in cash-- although, obviously, they love that-- but to destroy the capacity for grassroots Democrats to have an independent means of raising money for progressive and independent-minded candidates. They have bragged about "burning the lists" and they force the mostly lame-- and loser-- candidates they endorse to implement that strategy without even knowing what they are doing.

This morning I was awakened by a text from a former Democratic congressional candidate complaining about another of the insufferable e-mails he had just gotten from Florida conservaDem Patrick Murphy. "Patrick Murphy," the candidate wrote, "believes in sending out bullshit emails every day, a tactic he likely learned from Israel's DCCC." Last week a current congressional candidate admitted to being concerned about the DCCC controlling the campaign's (extremely lame) email messaging.

Emails from Beltway organizations that have subject lines like "Please Open Before Dinner" are always immediately deleted, at least by me. A friend of mine opened on From a Mandi Karp the other day whose subject line was No-Politics-On-Thanksgiving. And it was from the execrable Patrick Murphy campaign! "Here's my promise to you. Thursday is off-limits," it began.
When you’re watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, or enjoying turkey at the dinner table, or relaxing in the evening-- you won’t be receiving any emails from Team Murphy.

We have a strict no-politics-on-Thanksgiving policy (although we can’t control your relatives), so I’m going to say what I have to say right now. Patrick is our best chance to win Florida’s Senate seat and take back the Senate for Democrats.

As Patrick’s finance director, I’m constantly looking at our numbers and figuring out what we need to keep our momentum up. And we NEED to hit our fundraising goal this November.

Give $3 or more and head into the holidays knowing we’re that much closer to turning the Senate blue. We’re still $15,125 away from our goal.

Despite what the Koch Brothers believe, the foundation for successful campaigns is built on the small contributions of many. If anyone appreciates this, it’s Patrick. One of his first jobs as a teenager was pouring concrete on construction sites. He knows the importance of a strong foundation.

We’ve made progress on building a good foundation so far, but recent polls have Patrick neck-and-neck with Republican candidates and barely polling stronger than his primary opponent Alan Grayson.

This race is still much too close to get comfortable. Bloomberg Business said the “War for the Senate will be decided in Florida,” and the Kochs and their ultra-wealthy conservative friends won’t be giving up without an expensive fight.

Help us strengthen our foundation for victory by making a contribution right now. We have 5 more days to reach $50,000.

Thanks and have a happy Thanksgiving,


Actually most polls show Grayson beating Wall Street's #1 errand boy in Congress, Patrick Murphy, but that's beside the point. The real point is that the next day-- Thursday, Thanksgiving Day-- just when my poor beleaguered friend was sitting down to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and enjoy turkey at the dinner table and relax in the evening, there was another e-mail from the disgusting, vile Murphy, ostensibly not from the campaign but from the family and ostensibly not a campaign request, just a happy Thanksgiving card (that mentioned on the bottom it was paid for by the campaign).

Awful, horrible people-- the DCCC, the DSCC, Patrick Murphy, Patrick Murphy's campaign, Patrick Murphy's criminal family (who are in business with the Trump organization). I don't get emails from the Murphy operation any longer because I did the only rational thing and unsubscribed. You should too. There'll never been anything of value coming from them-- or the DCCC or the DSCC-- except shrewd (or moronic) attempts to separate you from your money, which is especially odd coming from the House Democrat who has taken-- by far-- the most in blatantly, albeit legalistic, bribes from predatory Wall Street banksters in return for his grotesque support of their horrific agenda of ripping off the public.

Every time you get a Patrick Murphy email, you should delate in at once and then donate $10 here. [Someone reading over my shoulder just now, pointed out that another "ex"-Republican recruited by Steve Israel, Monica Vernon from Iowa and EMILY's List, has an even more repulsive email program than Murphy's. That may be true and we'll examine that next.] Congress' most corrupt Members-- all of these Members of Congress belong in prison for taking quid pro quo bribes:

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