Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's Donald Trump, So You Can Bet There Are Always Plenty Of Strings Attached


Donald and Charles-- mekhutonim

Ernie Boch Jr. sells cars for a living. He's rich. He spreads his political contributions around, primarily among various types of Republicans. He gave the Massachusetts Republican Party and the NRSC $30,000 each and he gave the RNC $16,000. He's been a big supporter of both Mitt Romney and Scott Brown. Friday evening he held a fundraiser at his Norwood estate for Trump.

Trump insists it wasn't a fundraiser, although, the minimum to get in was $100. He apparently thinks that if he tells the media there are "no strings attached" to the contributions he gets from his fans, it must mean they're not actually contributions, even though the FEC certainly defines them that way. Not a single person running for president would say there are strings attached to the contributions they are getting-- even if Bernie Sanders' 400,000 donors are the only ones who know that to be actually true.

Trump, who constantly brags about how rich he is and claims he's financing his own campaign, says he's turning down "millions of dollars." Crooked New Jersey real estate developer Charles Kushner is an old friend of Trump's, and Trump's daughter Ivanka is married to Kushner's son Jared, publisher of the NY Observer. Kushner was convicted of making illegal campaign contributions and of tax evasion and witness tampering, and served a year of a two-year sentence in prison. Last Sunday he had a non-fundraiser for Trump at his palatial $6.7 million beachfront mansion in Long Branch on the Jersey Shore. He gave Trump $100,000. The invitation for the non-fundraiser read: "Seryl and Charles Kushner invite you to their home to meet DONALD TRUMP," with Trump’s name in red letters beneath a pair of American flags, just above "Make America Great Again!" Trump insists it was a just garden party.

Kushner, who has primarily given to Democratic crooks like Chuck Schumer, Joe Lieberman, Jon Corzine and Robert Mendoza, blames Chris Christie-- who was the prosecutor who sent him to prison-- for his legal woes. Maybe the only string attached to the $100,000 he gave to Trump's super-PAC was the satisfaction of seeing Christie get buried. But I doubt it; after all, Kushner is well-known for having once retaliated against his own sister by hiring a prostitute for her husband, taping it and sending her the tape. Trump was happy to get the $100,000, but has never allowed himself to be photographed with his pal Kushner. If someone doesn't want campaign contributions, why does he have a super-PAC? Does it have another function that no one ever told me about?
An independent super-PAC has been formed to raise unlimited funds to power Donald Trump’s run for the presidency, the Post has learned.

The political action committee is called Make America Great Again, the slogan of the Republican real estate mogul’s White House campaign.

It says in its filings that it “intends to raise funds in unlimited amounts.”

It does not specify whom it will support or oppose, but Jon Anderson, a Denver-based attorney involved in filing the paperwork, confirmed Make America Great Again is a pro-Trump PAC... [A]n independent super-PAC can raise and spend millions of dollars to bolster or oppose particular candidates-- as long as it doesn’t coordinate with a campaign.

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