Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Night


I spent much of the summer in the hospital getting stem cell transplants so that the cancer I was treated for since November-- now in remission-- doesn't come back. I still have peripheral neuropathy, but I'm feeling a lot better overall now, and my doctor at City of Hope seems astounded how rapidly I'm recuperating from the intense treatments. Brutalism's music (above) was part of my get-well therapy. I'd blast their songs, especially "Friday Night," in the hospital and the nurses would come in and dance. What more could anyone want?

Well... after a while I started wanting my hair and beard to start growing again. That's what I wanted-- that and my taste buds to start functioning again. Not that I love shaving, but after a couple of months of no facial hair growth, it starts to feel weird. I promised myself that I would switch the DownWithTyranny schedule back to five posts a day-- Ken had wisely cut it back to four while I was in the hospital-- as soon as I started shaving again. That happened yesterday-- both, the old schedule (with a first post at 6am PT and a last post at 9pm PT) and the shaving. Actually, some facial hair had started growing in on Monday, but when I washed it and dried my face with a towel, it just fell out. Now it's a little more substantial, although just a little.

Back to Brutalism's music for a moment. I know "Friday Night" sounds like dance music-- in fact, it is dance music-- but be sure to listen to the lyrics. Those lyrics are not what anyone usually hears in a dance club, as far as I know. They're subversive. But it makes sense when you know that one of the guys in the band is HuffPo writer Zach Carter.

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