Saturday, May 02, 2015

Lou Vince Declares For The CA-25 Congressional Seat-- A Candidate Guest Post


I became a cop 20 years ago to help people. I’m trained to run towards problems, not away from them.

In California’s 25th Congressional District, and across the country, we have problems that we need to address-- crumbling infrastructure, uncertainty about the future of Social Security and Medicare, non-stop fiscal cliffs from Washington that routinely threaten our economic system.

In District 25 we are suffering from the California drought, we have special interests fighting our communities on important environmental issues, and we have veterans coming home to a tough job market without the support they need.

That’s why I have announced I am running for Congress in 2016, to run towards these problems and tackle them head-on.

As a Congressman, I’ll use my blue-collar, common-sense work ethic to improve the lives of hard working middle class families with bold solutions.

One thing is clear-- the current representative for our district has proven to be the wrong man for the job.

Congressman Steve Knight’s actions prove he’s in Congress to serve his party, not his constituents. He sidestepped on the important issue of the CEMEX mine in our district. He voted for a bill that allows women to be fired from their jobs for personal health care decisions. Earlier this week, he voted to support predatory lenders over the military families he represents.

I have always believed character is revealed under pressure. When Knight came under pressure-- from his own base-- he revealed his character. What all of us were able to see in the video is that beneath Knight’s calm exterior, he’s a man willing to threaten physical violence. That behavior is unacceptable from our elected representatives.

I have ideas about what I’d like to do to help the 25th District-- protecting Social Security and Medicare, supporting our veterans, finding solutions to the drought crisis, strengthening middle class families.

But right now I’m in listening mode. I’d like to hear from you, the reader, about your top concerns for our district and our country, and your ideas for solutions to the issues we face. Please feel free to email me at

Thank you,
- Lou Vince

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