Monday, April 13, 2015

Lee Camp needs a bit of help, and says "it will only take 30 seconds"


7 Totally False Panics Created by the Media

Watch -- and then share!

by Ken

Have you seen this Lee Camp segment from RT America's Redacted Tonight? (We were just talking about Redacted Tonight a couple of weeks ago.) AlterNet picked it up, and our pal Lee is looking for some showering of love.
Need Your Help - It will only take 30 seconds... And then you can check out my web exclusive interview with JESSE VENTURA.

The popular website ALTERNET just posted one of my pieces from Redacted Tonight. We need it to get a lot of love (shares, FB links, Tweets) so that the people at Alternet know that Redacted is popular. The more "action" this post gets, the most Alternet will post Redacted. So please, even if you've already seen the video, take 30 seconds to go to this link and share it!

Did you do it? You're a freaking hero! Okay, next I have a special WEB EXCLUSIVE for ya. This did not air on the TV show. This is my interview with former governor Jesse Ventura! I'll give you a hint - At one point he yells "You should be ashamed of yourself!!" Watch it here -

Thanks guys. You rock. Keep fighting, my friends.


Meanwhile here's what AlterNet's Janet Allon had to say about it:
In his weekly comedy news show, Lee Camp took on the topic of fear this week, and how false panics are used to whip people up into a  non-thinking frenzy. In the segment, Camp takes on everything from shark-fearing Nebraska farmers to panics about teenagers sticking vodka-soaked tampons up their butts.

Not a trend, Camp says. He tried it. Stings way too much.

It's a topic that might sound familiar to regular readers of AlterNet, as it features many of the same unnecessary panics that we covered in our recent "Fear" series. Remember the "Knockout" game, supposedly random vicious attacks by black youths (who else?) on unsuspecting elderly Jewish people? Not a thing.

The panics are not as random as they seem. They're used to distract the gullible masses from the issues that we should really be scared of, like big banks and overwhelmingly stupid politicians.

Camp even quotes AlterNet's Don Hazen in the end. "People cannot think clearly when they are afraid. Fear is the enemy of reason."

Too true. Too true.

Watch the humorous approach.

And remember, once you've done your part for Lee's video share, you get to collect your "bonus" -- watch the interview with Jesse Ventura at the link above.

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