Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Maybe The Florida Democratic Establishment Is Barking Up The Wrong Tree-- Again


A new Mason-Dixon poll indicates that if Rubio seeks reelection, even the strong showing expected from Hillary Clinton in Florida probably won't help Democrats take his Senate seat-- or at least not New Dem "Democrats." Rubio is leading Debbie Wasserman Schultz 53-36% and Patrick Murphy 50-38%. Rubio isn't just ahead with Republicans; he also leads with independents, the very group the pro-business New Dems bend over backwards to try to cultivate by throwing working families under the bus ay every opportunity. State CFO Jeff Atwater, the presumed GOP nominee if Rubio sticks to his bid to become President or vice-president and forgoes a Senate reelection campaign, is also significantly ahead of both Wasserman Schultz and Murphy, according to the same poll.

A few days ago the Palm Beach Post asked if Murphy's appeal to Republicans would be a liability in a Senate run. Murphy, a Republican himself, who opportunistically reinvented himself as a conservative Democrat to take on Allen West, has one of the most Republican voting records of any Democrat in Congress. His dismal ProgressivePunch crucial vote score for 2015-16 is exactly tied with that of conservative Republican Walter Jones of North Carolina-- 33.33-- and worse than that of moderate Republican Chris Gibson of New York. Boehner knows he can always count on Murphy when he wants to present a piece of the reactionary Republican agenda as "bipartisan." When Republicans claim something is "bipartisan," they're almost always talking about Blue Dogs and New Dems like Patrick Murphy, Gwen Graham, Brad Ashford, Henry Cuellar, Collin Peterson and Sean Patrick Maloney. The Post speculated that "the crossover appeal that makes Murphy attractive as a potential general election candidate could create some interesting clashes in a Democratic primary."

First of all, the poll belies the idea that Murphy is an attractive candidate to run in the general. 38% is unattractive. And as for a primary, the Post ignorantly refers to Wasserman Schultz as a "liberal." And while she is liberal on most of yesterday's soft social social issues-- especially women's rights and Choice-- when people think of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, "liberal," isn't what pops to mind. She symbolizes corrupt political hackery, incompetence, and a ceaseless quest for money that leads her into the pockets of every corrupt special interest in Florida and across the country. "Disgusting" trumps "liberal."

So why don't Florida Democrats consider running a real Democrat instead of a New Dem? Alan Grayson is a proud, smart, inspiring New Deal Democrat and he's interested in the Senate race. Mason-Dixon didn't include him in the poll. He's certainly far more in a position to rally the Democratic Party base in Florida than either Murphy or Wasserman Schultz. More likely, Murphy is just a stalking horse for the highly unpopular former Republican Charlie Crist, who is actually trying to persuade people he would be the best candidate for the 2016 Senate seat!

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At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rubio is a clueless hack.

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Susan S said...

So is Crist. So is Murphy.


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