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Say good night, Willard


Plus "TV Watch" note (see below)

No, I'm not going to give you a playable clip. If you really want to watch it, you can find it for yourself. But that's 3:34 of your life that you'll never get back.

by Ken

In case you haven't heard, Willard Romney has decided not to make a third run at the presidency, to the apparent surprise of "those who have spoken to Romney," who were persuaded that he would run since "he views the emerging GOP field of contenders as too weak to defeat likely Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton" and "believes he would be a better candidate after his experiences in 2012."

Now we have several pieces of business before once again saying, "Bye-bye," to Willard, starting with --

(You know, the one who says that "all the political metrics were right" for a 2016 Willard for Prexy run)

Dude, have you had your political metrics checked lately? Seriously, those things can get dull, go out of alignment, sometimes even get so worn that there's nothing for it but to duct-tape the suckers, which doesn't do wonders for their accuracy. Do yourself a favor and get those metrics into the shop for a check-up, even if they're out of warranty. Or maybe skip a step and buy a new set -- usually those things can't be repaired anyway.


How well do you know your Willard? Score one point for each correct answer and two points for each incorrect answer.

1. According to the Washington Post's Philip Rucker and Dan Balz ("Mitt Romney decides against running for president again in 2016"), "Those who have spoken to Romney came away from the conversations believing he was likely to run again for several reasons." Which of the following is not one of those reasons?

(a) He views the emerging GOP field of contenders as too weak to defeat likely Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.
(b) He believes he would be a better candidate after his experiences in 2012.
(c) He sensed an opportunity to win.
(d) He has become addicted to crack cocaine.

ANSWER: (d) "Those who have spoken to Romney" haven't commented on his crack use.

2. Willard is said to have told friends that he wanted to be "a more authentic candidate" if he ran in 2016 than he was in 2008 or in 2012. What plans did he have to be "more authentic"?

(a) To have himself notarized.
(b) To wear his Mormon underwear on the outside.
(c) To blame everything on President Obama.
(d) To replace Andy Richter as Conan O'Brien's sidekick.

ANSWER: All of the above.

3. Which of the following did Willard not tell a Republican National Committee meeting in San Diego two weeks ago should be among the pillars for a 2016 GOP campaign?

(a) Dealing with wage stagnation.
(b) The middle class economic squeeze.
(c) Lifting people out of poverty.
(d) Arranging a fair price for the 1% to buy the part of the country they don't own yet.

ANSWER: (d) Willard doesn't believe in paying "a fair price"; he believes his people should get it for a "rock-bottom price."

4. Willard made his announcement today, a day before arriving in Washington for an important annual event. What is that event?

(a) The annual dinner of the exclusive Alfalfa Club, where he is being inducted as a new member.
(b) The announcement of a new plan to return the Washington Redskins to NFL playoff contention.
(c) The announcement of a new plan to fund the government until the next shutdown threat.
(d) The blossoming of the cherry trees. (What, they're not? Are you sure? But my crack staff people said . . .)

ANSWER: (a) The annual dinner of the Alfalfa Club. (No, I don't know what the Alfalfa Club is. Do you really want to know?)

5. Which of the following members of the Alfalfa Club will be seated at the head table along with Willard? (Choose all that apply.)

(a) All seven Bush family members who are members.
(b) Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.
(c) Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.
(d) Alfalfa from the Little Rascals.

ANSWER: (b) Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and (c) Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. None of the Bush family members will be attending. Carl Switzer, who played Alfalfa in the Little Rascals films, was shot to death under still-muddled circumstances on the night of Jan. 21, 1959.

6. Which of the following is Willard most likely to do now that he has all that free time (and, presumably, cash) on his hands?

(a) Travel around the country like Johnny Appleseed, with a dog caged to the roof.
(b) Travel around the country like Johnny Appleseed, buying up businesses and putting people out of work.
(c) Travel around the country like Johnny Appleseed, buying fancy new homes. (Wasn't it Ben Franklin who said, "A man can never have enough fancy new homes"?)
(d) Travel around the country like Johnny Appleseed, denouncing economic inequality and ripping up trees to build McMansions.

ANSWER: Hasn't the man earned a little privacy?


TODAY 12:32 PM
The Borowitz Report


By Andy Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney told supporters on Friday that he was “incredibly relieved” to be able to keep the approximately five to ten residences he owns across the country.

“Having to talk about how much I care about ordinary Americans and so forth—I was game for that,” he said. “But having to sell all of those houses? That was going to be brutal.”

The 2012 Republican nominee said that he was especially glad he did not have to part with the car elevator in his eleven-thousand-square-foot mansion in La Jolla. “Come on, that thing is neat,” he said.


Well, it's all over now. I don't know that this odd 13-episode farewell season is the way I would ideally liked to have seen the show say good night, but I thought last night's final episode provided a pretty decent resting place. I'll probably want to say a little about the show and its departure, but first I want to watch the episode again. So, tomorrow maybe. Or maybe not. One never knows in such matters.

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At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Doug Kahn said...

Willard still thinks he can be nominated. When the wingnut candidates start crushing Bush and Christie in polls and/or primaries, a lot of people will start calling for Romney to get back in the race.

At 11:31 AM, Blogger KenInNY said...

And, Doug, he does manage to keep mentioning that he would like to be president. So you make a good point.

I guess I was kind of hoping that by sufficiently celebrating his departure from the race, we might encourage everybody to get used to thinking of it as permanent. Maybe if we chipped in and bought him a cheap "presidential tiara," that would satisfy his craving and he'd leave us the hell alone.


At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Bil said...


I am deeply disappointed that Willard is NOT going to be part of the Republicant klown car primary. Anybody dumb enough to run to the right of Gingrich ought to be dumb enough to do it again.
That was some spectacular TV, and I want it back. We built our entire schedule around it.

Methinks this is not over...
Queen Ann bought her Coronation dress before, it still fits and she has measured the White House drapes. Mommy wants the White House, and her many sons have trained hard and stayed safe by never serving in the Military. It's the Whitest of White House contenders. Probably not going to let that "Mormon" thing get a pass this time, the rest of the Republicant clown car is fluffing up their christianist credentials, especially HuckleBerry. Amen.

(cue DWT tagline)
When Fascism comes 2 America, it will b wrapped in the flag & carrying the cross - Sinclair Lewis

At 12:09 PM, Blogger KenInNY said...

You make a fair point, Bil, and I did think about it. I mean, if the kids of the 2016 Presidential Road Show are gonna, you know, put on a show, shouldn't all the kids get to be in it? Isn't it unfair to exclude poor Willard just 'cause he's filthy rich?

Then again, like all good Americans, I bore easily. And jeez Louise, haven't we seen that show? Which applies, by the way, to certain other of the old-timers yammering about joining the chorus line. It's Booby's time, and Mario's, and Rafael "Ted from Alberta"'s.

Like Plato used to say in all those hilarious dialogues, "There's no business like show business!" Words to live by.



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