Sunday, January 18, 2015

Disappointed Gwen Graham Supporters Have No One To Blame But Themselves


I guess the could blame the walking conflicts-of-interest who inhabit the DCCC and EMILY's List, which pushed Graham so hard, but if you're taking any advice from either the DCCC or EMILY's List-- other than using it as a negative indictator-- there's already a problem. Although Graham was careful to hide just how right-wing her instincts are, she never portrayed herself as anything but a cliche-spouting careerist. Yesterday Florida blogger "gimleteye," asked the question that became apparent on the day she declared her candidacy: namely: will she push toward the right, like her father did?

Will she? She already has-- and in a big way. From the very first vote on the very first day-- one of only 4 reactionary Blue Dogs refusing to back Nancy Pelosi-- right through signing on to the GOP schemes to deregulate Wall Street again, putting taxpayers on the hook for irresponsible gambling by avarice-driven banksters. She became a co-sponsor of a Republican bill that raises the number of hours from 30 to 40 that an employee must work per week to be eligible for health care coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), something that will cost taxpayers billions of wasted dollars. She has already been absolutely horrible as a Member of Congress. So "will she" is not the right question.
Some important Democratic supporters of Graham have been distraught over her early votes; two anti-citizen votes on health care and financial regulation, and one in support of the Keystone pipeline where she joined 28 "oily Democrats." Although Keystone will likely be vetoed by President Obama and his veto sustained in Congress, Graham's instant shift to the right suggests an ambitious politician willing to carve out the same dismal territory once occupied by Blue Dog Democrats: conservative members of Congress-- mostly from the South-- who didn't move the party rightward so much as drain support toward Republicans.

Here is an email widely circulating among distraught Graham supporters:
I have to tell you that I did a great deal to help Gwen Graham get elected. I am at a loss for words in expressing how disappointing this performance has been.

The worst part of it is that Gwen seemed to sincerely think she was going to be a part of a change in Washington. These actions are exactly the kind of cynical bullshit that makes people hate politics and politicians. They are disgraceful.

To me, the worst vote is the one on the ACA. There is a lot to dislike about the ACA. But the act really could be improved. But by 'improved' I meant work better for people, not the opposite.

This bill simply takes money out of the pockets of our hardest working, economically marginal people and puts it in the pockets of the Walton family. It is an awful bill with no merit and justification. It is redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich. Period.

So, these Democrats are voting to 'reform' the ACA by making working poor people pay for their own insurance out of their measly paychecks instead of having their large-scale corporate employers pay, and when these same people are hit with the bill, they will think that the Republican propaganda about how awful the ACA was, was actually true. And then, they will go out and vote for Republicans.

I donĀ¹t know exactly what to do about this, but this is just exactly what is wrong with Washington and its is sad to know the newest members have failed their first integrity test.

Totally sick to my stomach. Four votes in one week against ACA, for Keystone, gutting Dodd Frank, and against Nancy Pelosi. Imagine what she can accomplish in 2 years. My support is over."
Remember who pushed this garbage on Democratic voters: the transactional corporate shills at the DCCC and EMILY's List. Gwen Graham must be dealt with in 2016-- when the deranged sociopaths at EMILY's List are already trying to get her to run for the U.S. Senate-- or 2018. And the DCCC and EMILY's List... well, just say NO to their constant pleas for your money. Maybe that will wake them up and make them ask why. Maybe.

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