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Are You Surprised That The Chamber Of Commerce Is Backing Incumbents From The Republican Wing Of The Democratic Party?


Last night when we were looking at vile DC lobbyist John Breaux, formerly a very conservative Louisiana senator, I recalled that he was a New Dem, a Wall Street-funded organization of business-oriented Democrats. It should come as no surprise that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, delights in finding anti-family Democrats and endorsing them the same way they endorse anti-family Republicans. In 2012 the Chamber of Commerce attack machine spent $27,912,717 smearing Democrats with TV and radio ads. But they also spent $305,044 bolstering 2 of the most right-wing Democrats in the House, reactionary Blue Dogs Jim Matheson (UT- $202,112) and John Barrow (GA-$102,932). So far this year they already spent $12,758,084 on behalf of Republicans and nothing at all helping Democrats. But that's about to change.

In past years the U.S. Chamber has been among the top donors for New Dems and Blue Dogs willing to sell out the interests of working families and vote with Republicans on core economic issues, slimy and corrupt characters like Henry Cuellar (Blue Dog-TX), Ed Case (Blue Dog-HI), Tim Mahoney (Blue Dog-FL), Melissa Bean (New Dem-IL), and John Barrow (Blue Dog-GA).

Last cycle one of the big races the Chamber got involved with to try to help sleazy lobbyist Brian Bilbray hold his San Diego congressional seat (CA-52). It was a very close race and conservative multimillionaire Scott Peters-- who wrote his campaign a check for $2,757,452-- outspent Bilbray $4,352,737 to $2,772,270. In the end Peters beat Bilbray 151,451 (51%) to 144,459 (49%) in the D+2 district. The Chamber was one of several right-wing outfits that spent $4,018,104 smearing Peters with Independent expenditures. The Chamber threw in $320,000 worth of TV spots.

This year the Chamber, perfectly happy with Peters conservative New Dem voting record, is backing Peters. And Peters, whose voting record has turned off many base Democrats, is in a tough race against Republican Carl DeMaio. Peters is balking at spending more of his own fortune and so far has only put $71,659 of his own into the race, out of the $2,554,980 he's raised. DeMaio is keeping up with him and has raised $2,232,048.

Thomas Donohue, the right-wing Republican nut who runs the Chamber-- and who funnels tens of millions of dollars into GOP camapigns-- wrote to Peters last week that "We believe that your re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives will help produce sustained economic growth, help create jobs, and get our country back on track. We will encourage the business community to vigorously support your candidacy."
While scores of groups offer election endorsements, “this one stands out a bit,” Peters said in a phone interview Tuesday evening.

“What this shows is that I really am the candidate that’s working across the aisles. I’m not just a member of one of the partisan armies,” Peters added.

In 2013, Peters voted with the chamber 69 percent of the time on key bills supported by the organization, according to the chamber’s website.

The DeMaio campaign said the endorsement underscored the status quo in Washington that DeMaio has pledged to change.

“We’re not surprised that a special interest group in D.C. is trying to protect members of Congress-- they like the system the way it is. They know Carl DeMaio is coming to end the perks for this crowd,” said Dave McCulloch, spokesman for the DeMaio campaign.

Rob Engstrom, chamber vice president for political affairs, said on Twitter Wednesday that DeMaio had tried to get the chamber's endorsement.

The DeMaio campaign "needs to get facts straight. The campaign actively sought our endorsement. Sour grapes," Engstrom tweeted.
And, as they do every year, the Chamber will also be endorsing Georgia New Dem/Blue Dog John Barrow, who votes with the GOP on crucial economic issues far more than he votes with Democrats.
Barrow is the fourth Democrat this cycle to receive the backing of the chamber, a pro-business group that spends millions in federal elections usually in support of Republicans. The others include Rep. Scott Peters, D-Calif., a top GOP target who was endorsed Wednesday, along with Reps. Henry Cuellar of Texas and Jim Costa of California.
These days, the Chamber hates the Tea Party Republicans-- like DeMaio-- and is happy to lend a hand to Democrats like these:

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At 10:43 AM, Blogger ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I wish I could say I was surprised.

But I remember when President Hope and Change and President Bill Clinton supported corporate whore Blanche Lincoln against the union-backed candidate.

And the Chamber was right there with them.

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How better to ensure that the majority and the minority remain under boardroom control?


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