Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How Steve Israel Killed Red-To-Blue


Red to Blue looks like such a stinker for Steve Israel this cycle that he's started slipping in candidates in blue districts so his batting average won't look as atrocious on the morning of November 5th as anyone looking at his inept recruiting will surmise. A good red-to-blue program would have strong, progressive candidates running against Republicans in blue-leaning districts. Instead, Israel's personal agenda had him out-right protecting Republicans in many of these districts. These are all districts Democrats should be able to win but that Israel has screwed up-- as he chases impossible districts with revolting Blue Dogs and New Dems in deep red territory.
NY-02- Peter King (R+1)
MI-06- Fred Upton (R+1)
WA-08- Dave Reichert (R+1)
FL-13- Dave Jolly (R+1)
FL-27- Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R+2)
WI-08- Reid Ribble (R+2)
WI-07- Sean Duffy (R+2)
MN-03- Erik Paulsen (R+2)
PA-07- Patrick Meehan (R+2)
PA-15- Charlie Dent (R+2)
MI-08- Mike Rogers (retiring) (R+2)
WA-03- Jaime Herrera Beutler (R+2)
NY-22- Richard Hanna (R+3)
CA-25- Buck McKeon (retiring) (R+3)
WI-01- Paul Ryan (R+3)
OH-10- Michael Turner (R+3)
In each of these winnable districts Israel has either screwed up the recruiting or refused to back the Democratic candidate-- when there is one. Unless the Democrats win these seats they cannot take back the House. Steve Israel isn't even competing in any of them. His reappointment by Nancy Pelosi after his catastrophic loss in 2012 (while Obama and the Senate Dems slaughtered the Republicans), must have been reason for the Republicans to be popping corks on cartons full of Dom Pérignon.

Israel has been tricking grassroots Democratic donors into sending money to the grotesquely corrupt DCCC in the hope that it would somehow prevent the GOP from impeaching President Obama. Pretty disgusting tactic to use against low-info but sincere Democrats who don't know what a scumbag Israel is! Instead of helping with impeachment, the money is being wasted on the horrible Red to Blue candidates with no chance to win. Tell me which of these districts is as good a bet as the districts Israel is aggressively ignoring up top:
NE-02- Brad Ashford (R+4)
MI-01- Jerry Cannon (R+5)
IN-02- Joe Bock (R+6)
MT-AL- John Lewis (R+7)
AR-02- Patrick Henry Hays (R+8)
OH-06- Jennifer Garrison (R+8)
KY-06- Elisabeth Jensen (R+9)
ND-AL- George Sinner (R+10)
WV-02- Nick Casey (R+11)
AR-01- Jackie McPherson (R+14)
WV-01- Glen Gainer (R+14)
AR-04- James Lee Witt (R+15)
And these are basically a bunch of garden variety conservatives with not an ounce of courageousness between them. It's a stretch to even call most of these candidates "Democrats." Many are anti-Choice, pro-NRA and anti-LGBT and the whole bunch of them are corporate shills who would be-- were they to win (none of them will)-- on the wrong side of the battle lines between the 1% and normal American families.

So, yes, Israel has been on track to having the worst batting average of any DCCC chairman in history. That makes perfect sense, since he clearly is the worst DCCC chairman in history. But to be able to argue otherwise after the debacle in November, he's slipped in a few ringers. Ringers? Yes, these are Democrats running in blue districts replacing Democrats who are leaving Congress. I'm saying they don't deserve support (Pat Murphy running to replace Bruce Braley certainly does), but that they have nothing to do with Red-to-Blue except to make the decrepit program look better when most of Israel's wretched actual Red-to-Blue recruits are defeated in November.
IA-01- Bruce Braley (D+5)
ME-02- Mike Michaud (D+2)
NY-04- Carolyn McCarthy (D+3)
And this is a good place to mention CA-31, the D+5 Inland Empire district that Israel screwed up in 2012 and handed to a Republican, Gary Miller, who knew he could never be reelected so decided to retire this year. Israel's pick for the race is a shady conservative ex-bank lobbyist, Pete Aguilar, who not only is a disguised Republican but has already endorsed a right-wing Republican against a Democrat in the neighboring district. Another great Steve Israel recruit (for John Boehner).

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At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As someone relatively new to politics, what's the difference between a Blue Dog and a New Dem? I get that both are bad in comparison to say Elizabeth Warren or Sherrod Brown style Democrats, but how do they differ from each other?

At 10:11 AM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

They're very much the same except the New Dems are less likely to run around in white sheets with pillowcases on their heads the way the Blue Dogs do.

At 2:55 PM, Blogger ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Blue Dogs pander to bigots, then sell out their voters to big corporations.

New Dems just sell out their voters to large corporations.


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