Saturday, June 21, 2014

Anonymous Operative Is Back-- And He Seems Pissed Off


This is from EMILY's List Australia. The U.S. version wouldn't use "progressive" or "passionate"

The Lamest Operation in America
by Anonymous Operative

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, according to that defintion, Emily's List feels as though they have the right to raise millions of dollars from indviduals and do insane things with it.

Year after year, Emily's list and their thuggish operatives travel around the country raising the same $500, $1000, and $1,000,000 checks from the same individuals, who truly do, want progressive women elected to Congress.

These donors actually think they are contributing to an organization that wants to increase the ratio of women in elected office, in order to promote true progressive values.

I get so angry with these donors when I think to myself, "how can they not see that the overwhelming majority of women elected by Emily's List go on to vote like corporate, Republican shills?" Sometimes I even say, "well, these people deserve to become poorer due their annual Emily's list donation as they are too dumb, naive, or stubborn to see the results of their investments."

But then I take a step back and realize something very important: Emily's List Candidates lose! They are losers because of the operating decisions of the disgusting, thuggish organization (Emily's List) that supposedly catapults their candadacies into stardom. So, its not the donors' fault for not realizing Emily's List's elected officials are corporate shills. They are too busy realizing that the candidates they fund, lose!

What we here at DWT should work to do is educate these donors as to the reasons why their candidates lose, and hopefully inspire them to donate to true progressive female candidates like Shenna Bellows and Heather Mizeur, who Emily's List endorses in name only because they are thoughtful women who know a lot more about life then anyone at Emily's List could ever know.

First off, these donors must understand that a major reason their candidates lose is because of the type of candidate Emily's List recruits: boring (often personally wealthy) self proclaimed moderate white women who have the personality of a corpse and the charisma of a stone.

Let's take for example Emily's List's role in giving our country former Massachusett's Senator Scott Brown (R-MA).

It was 2009 and our nation had just lost its liberal lion in the Senate, Ted Kennedy. America-- only a year earlier-- elected its first African American President due to a wave of progressive hope. And then, Emily's List trolls into Massachusetts to push good progressive candidates (the natural successors of a Ted Kennedy)  out of the race and funnells all its cash and resources to the boring Attorney General (Martha Coakley) who literally no one in the state has ever cared about.

Martha-- while I know her personally and she is a decent bland lady-- ran a campaign about nothing, and thus, allowed a small electorate (typical in special elections) to energize around the candidacy of a former nudist named state Senator Scott Brown. In a time of banking crimes and war, its pretty sad for voters to get excited by a good looking former nudist because the other side isn't offering a compelling alternative.

So, Martha is an example of what I like to describe as one of Emily's Lists "bland, white losers." There is another type of Emily's List candidate that donors must learn the truth about; "the token minority."

Every now and then, Emily's List likes to flex its fake, phony, multi-racial muscle and endorse candidates in poor and immigrant areas and parade them around the country to donors as the poor little latina who needs your big white corporate cash.

In theory, this is not a bad strategy. Why not get money to urban, immigrant women who could add to the progressive charge for immigration reform?

Well, what happens is the following:

Emily's List places operatives on these races who hold the minority candidate and her friends and supporters hostage to the Beltway consultants who want to reap big profits from these races.

The operatives, known as "regional representatives," hate the local minorities, spend their time (on the campaign's dime) in nice hotels miles away from the district, and villify the local volunteers so as to induce the need for the candidates to search elsewhere (ie: Washington) for on-the-ground political support.

So, what happens? These candidates lose because Emily's List starts a race war with the local community and causes great disdain among a people who truly want their progressive female hero to live her American Dream and make it to Congress. It never happens...

Just call the volunteers of another Emily's List failed campaign in southern California. Stories are flying around the area about a thuggish regional representative from Las Vegas barking racially insensitive assaults at the poor, young locals.

So, I hope donors can start to learn from conversations like this, and begin to share realizations that their money is going to losses, time and time again. It's just insane.



At 1:43 PM, Blogger ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Excellent post.

The likes of Rahm Emanuel and his successors love to blame Democratic election losses on the likes of Ralph Nader, Glenn Greenwald, FireDogLake, dirty fucking hippies, etc. for not clapping loudly enough.

But the fault lies with the neoliberals themselves, as they draw the line ever finer between "slightly less evil" and "more corporate graft."


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