Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pete Aguilar/Joe Baca Mudwrestling In The Inland Empire


DCCC shill and empty suit Pete Aguilar and former Inland Empire Congressman Joe Baca, are in a full scale civil war leading up to the CA-31 June 3, primary. Ceding the progressive vote to Eloise Reyes, they are tearing each other apart for backing from conservative voters, the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. Defending against a hoard of shady cash that Aguilar and his allies have deployed against him, Baca's Facebook page, Joe Baca for Congress, has become a compendium of the sleaze that Steve Israel finds so attractive in Aguilar, a front for Chamber of Commerce Republicans.

"Aguilar is correct," according to the Baca campaign, "in his assumption that 'San Bernardino County has the worst smog pollution in the country and more than 40,000 children in the region suffer from asthma.' Pete Aguilar forgot to mention that his city of Redlands is home to the highest polluting power plant in the state. Remember this when Pete Aguilar tells you of his commitment to creating sustainable communities and protecting our environment for future generations. Meanwhile the Mountainview plant in Pete Aguilar's city of Redlands keeps polluting our air and thousands of children in the Inland Empire take a puff from their inhaler."

Aguilar started the negative jihad with a series of very expensive, glossy mailers smearing Baca for the pollution that Aguilar's own backers are behind! Like this one:

Now, I'm finding another Facebook page, NoPeteAguilar, that I would swear comes right from DownWIthTyranny… except it doesn't. I never saw it until yesterday. Further examination leads me to believe it's another Joe Baca effort. Baca's rabid animus towards Michael Bloomberg and Steve Israel, each of whom he blames for his downfall, comes through loud and clear. He's using the page to strike back at Aguilar and it hits him on his sleazy-- actually, illegal-- campaign fundraising efforts, his connections to the Republican Party power brokers of the Inland Empire, his connection to the pollution industries that the California League of Conservation Voters seem to have overlooked in their zeal to please the DCCC and his slimy relationship with the detestable political boss Laurie Stalnaker. I hope this doesn't mean what I think it does:

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At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Petey Pie said...

Yes it means what it says. But you are wrong this is not coming from the Joe Baca Campaign, go Paul!

At 8:09 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Do you actually have any kind substantiation that Pete Pie is dorking Laurie Stalnaker? That's really a revolting thought I just can't get my head around. Or is it just throwing random dirt and two awful people?

At 10:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you look at the no to pete aguilar page its mostly Eloise supporters who are promoting it/probably created it


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