Monday, January 06, 2014

Liz Cheney Slinking Off Back To Virginia-- Ends Wyoming Senate Bid


Once Liz Cheney's dismal initial polling numbers started sinking even further as Wyoming voters came in contact with her, I became hopeful that if she stayed in the race, her role in Cheney's take-over of the U.S. government in the first weeks of the Bush administration would come to the fore and help American understand how catastrophic the Cheney family has already been for this country. But last night it became clear that that is an exposé for another time. Liz Cheney called it quits to her ill-fated primary challenge to Mike Enzi. There's going to be an official announcement today but she let the cat out of the bag for CNN last night.
Cheney, the eldest daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, began telling associates of her decision over the weekend and could make an official announcement about the race as early as Monday.

Cheney's surprising decision to jump into the race, an announcement made in a YouTube video last summer, roiled Republican politics in the Wyoming, a state Dick Cheney represented in Congress for five terms before moving up the Republican food chain in Washington.

Enzi was a low-key presence in Washington who was elected in 1996 and, with few blemishes, amassed a conservative voting record in the Senate. He expressed public annoyance at Cheney's decision to mount a primary challenge. A number of his Senate colleagues quickly rallied to his side and pledged support for his re-election bid.

There was little public polling of the race, but two partisan polls released last year showed Enzi with a wide lead, an assessment mostly shared by GOP insiders watching the race.

Cheney's campaign got off to a rocky start.

Her critics labeled her a carpetbagger, noting that she moved to Wyoming only in 2012 after relocating from Virginia. The issue flared in August after the Wyoming media reported that Cheney improperly received a fishing license despite not living in the state for at least a year, as the law requires.

Grabbing even more attention was her very public dispute with her sister, Mary, over the issue of same-sex marriage. Mary Cheney, who is a lesbian, took to Facebook in November to object to Liz's opposition to same-sex marriage, claiming that her sister has previously supported her relationship while saying something very different on the campaign trail.

The dispute prompted their parents to weigh in, saying they were "pained" to see the sisters battle over a private matter in full view of the news media.

Beyond the campaign missteps, Cheney's election effort, vigorously supported by her father and his allies, often felt out-of-tune with the small-government conservative sentiment that has fueled other Republican primary challengers.

Cheney, like her father, is an unapologetic neoconservative who favors muscular use of American military power overseas, a policy that does not sit well with many grassroots conservatives, particularly in the libertarian-leaning West.
Early this morning, the paper of record, confirmed the CNN "rumors" of last night. The excuse she's using is "serious health issues" in the family. She issued a statement:
"Serious health issues have recently arisen in our family, and under the circumstances, I have decided to discontinue my campaign. My children and their futures were the motivation for our campaign, and their health and well-being will always be my overriding priority. As a mother and a patriot, I know that the work of defending freedom and protecting liberty must continue for each generation. Though this campaign stops today, my commitment to keep fighting with you and your families for the fundamental values that have made this nation and Wyoming great will never stop."
Good riddance!

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At 7:01 AM, Anonymous Bil said...

I'm not sure who the winners are here beyond Enzi and the vendors who gladly took Liz's money.

I was looking forward to MONTHS of the Cheney family/girlz dirty laundry being political newz. Mary is not exactly the poster girl for civil rights as I understand it, and Liz IS a knuckledragging ultraNeoCon like her father, who is doing a fantastic imitation OF a Carpetbagger. Not against the law, but the Wyoming dogs didn't eat that free breakfast.

I was looking forward to future campaign highlights like NEVER confirmed UN Ambassador John Bolton campaigning for Liz so we could see who really had the higher voice.

Well, we still have the Republican Klowncar primary to look forward to. SPECTACULAR TV. We build our social calendar around it.


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