Sunday, September 15, 2013

Has Boehner Been Running A Money Laundering Operation For House Republicans?


Last week the Cleveland Plain Dealer broke the story that Boehner's PAC is under investigation by the FEC. Basically, every kind of shady special interest-- from the coal and oil barons to organized crime and gambling operations, not just donated to Friends of John Boehner but gave more than legally allowed. There are supposed limited to the size of bribes politicians are allowed to accept. They're insisting Boehner refund the money.
Among the groups that were allegedly overgenerous to Boehner were Coalpac and Minepac, which represent the mining industry, as well as political committees representing the Exelon, Constellation and Luminant power companies, and the Ceasars and Penn National gambling enterprises.

"Although the commission may take further legal action concerning the acceptance of excessive contributions, your prompt action to refund the excessive amount will be taken into consideration," the letters say.

Friends of John Boehner is one of several political organizations that Boehner uses to raise money for GOP candidates and solidify his party's control over the U.S. House of Representatives. Records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics list him as the top fundraiser in the House of Representatives during the 2012 election cycle, raising more than $22 million.

Boehner spokesman Cory Fritz said large committees like Boehner's that process quarterly contributions from "thousands of grassroots supporters each quarter routinely handle these questions."

"We take compliance with FEC rules and regulations seriously, and will take all corrective action necessary," said Fritz.
Last year Friends of John Boehner sucked up $348,000 and Boehner used the money to buy loyalty from incumbents and Republican candidates with $4,000 checks. Last year he gave out 54 of those $4,000 checks (+ $6,000 to failed neo-fascist Jesse Kelly in Arizona). Like Kelly, dozens of the contributions Boehner made with the sleazy money were given to losing candidates, most of whom were judged too extreme by the voters. Boehner's losers included Adam Hasner (FL), Mia Love (UT), Robert Dold (IL), David Rouzer (NC), Charlie Bass (NH), Randy Altshuler (NY), Joe Coors (CO), Matt Doheny (NY), Joe Walsh (IL), Bobby Schilling (IL), Jonathan Paton (AZ), Lee Ivey Anderson (GA), Nan Hayworth (NY), Chip Cravaack (MN), Tony Strickland (CA), Richard Tisei (MA), Brian Bilbray (CA), Ann Marie Buerkle (NY), Allen West (FL), Ricky Gill (CA), Brendan Doherty (RI), Martha McSally (AZ), Steve Obsitnik (CT), Dick Snuffer* (WV), and Frank Guinta (NH). But many who accepted the tainted checks are still in Congress-- and still upholding Boehner's shaky hold on the Speakership. Among the current Members of Congress who have not returned their $4,000 checks are a dozen crooked congressmen who are fighting uphill battles to stay in Congress:
Michael "Mikey Suits" Grimm (R-Mafia)
Jeff Denham (R-CA)
David Valadao (R-CA)
Michael Fitzpatrick (R-PA)
Joe Heck (R-NV)
Lou Barletta (R-PA)
Sean Duffy (R-WI)
John Kline (R-MN)
Patrick Meehan (R-PA)
Tom Latham (R-IA)
Mike Coffman (R-CO)
Gary Miller (R-CA)
The National Memo has reported that "this isn’t the first time the PAC has run into legal trouble. As Boehner’s campaign treasurer, Russell Roberts embezzled $617,563 from the Speaker’s multiple political organizations, including 'Friends of John Boehner.' Small hiccups like embezzlement haven’t slowed Boehner down in the slightest. His efforts in the 2012 election cycle made him the top campaign fundraiser that year. No word yet if an FEC investigation will slow down his fundraising blitz."

* real name

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At 1:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truth is "dozens of the contributions Boehner made with the sleazy money were given to losing candidates, most of whom were judged too extreme by the voters."

The carefully projected image, however, is "moderate John" beleaguered by rabid teabaggers.

Wouldn'y YOU like to have $10 for every layer of total hypocrisy on which this country is based?

John Puma


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