Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Democrats Use The NRA in Their Campaign Ads


Yesterday I heard some "brilliant" Beltway pundit on MSNBC babbling incoherently that there won't be any progress on gun control unless pro-gun control forces can beat an NRA shill at the polls. Being from the Beltway, one wouldn't expect her to know anything about America... and a states like California and Illinois are so, so far away. But last year-- that's soooooo long ago too-- NRA whore Joe Baca was defeated on exactly one issue: gun control. And isn't that why former Congresswoman and NRA shill Debbie Halvorson (D-IL) still a former congresswoman?

Then you have the polar opposite-- a putative "Democrat," Blue Dog NRA shill John Barrow, who makes the NRA look "bipartisan." Last year they contributed $884,687 to Republicans and $126,650 to Democrats. And the Democrat who got the most from them... John Barrow. In fact, Barrow was the only Democrat to get more than $9,000 from the NRA last year. All the rest of their top recipients were Republicans. And the only other Dems who got significant contributions, Mark Critz (PA) and Kathy Hochul (NY) and Larry Kissell (NC) were defeated. Here's the infamous "John Barrow loves the NRA ad."

Yesterday we debuted Carl Sciortino's new campaign ad. Take a look at it below. He wove the NRA into it to make a point-- he's a proud Massachusetts liberal. In the ad, his Tea Party father, who sounds like an Archie Bunker kind of character, complains Carl is taking on the NRA. Carl responds: "I won't give up on an assault weapons ban."
Father: Or universal background checks or banning high capacity magazines...
Carl: There are some things you don't stop fighting for
That's how Democrats should use the NRA in their ads. If you agree, think about chipping in to Carl's campaign. Election day is a month from yesterday, October 15.

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