Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Will New Jersey Voters Look Beyond The Silly Hype And Examine Chris Christie's Miserable Economic Record-- And Barbara Buono's Excellent One?


Sunday evening New Jersey state Senator and gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono announced her economic plan for the state by releasing the above video criticizing Chris Christie, who hasn't done a thing for the state's economy aside from reacting to crises. And making the economic conditions in the state worse! He's basically just another buffoon-- albeit a loudmouthed one-- with no vision except to serve the interests of the already wealthy and powerful. Below is Buono's video of where she sees the state going when she's governor; it's worth watching.

In the past DWT has criticized Christie primarily because of his corruption, his homophobia and his disgraceful role in the Republican War Against Women and his environmental depredations. I suspect, though, that if New Jersey voters decide to give him the heave-ho, it will because of the economy and how badly he has impacted their finances.

As the New Jersey's Democratic candidate for governor Barbara Buono explains on her campaign website, "New Jersey is and always has been a state with great promise. From the electric light bulb to the electric guitar, New Jersey has been a source for scientific and cultural innovation that has impacted the world. But realizing that promise requires making smart investments that lay the groundwork for an economy built to last." Her own record as a leader in the state legislature makes it crystal clear she's who New Jersey voters should be choosing to lead the state rather than reelecting Christie, who's far more focused on New Hampshire, Iowa and other early presidential primary states than he is on solving New Jersey's pressing economic problems. Buono's record shows she has always been dedicated to advancing policies that expand economic opportunity and that create good-paying jobs in the state.

    Passed one of the largest small business tax cuts in state history. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, accounting for 95% of all businesses in New Jersey. During her time in the Senate, Barbara championed bipartisan legislation to simplify the tax code for small business owners, enabling them to expand and hire more workers.

    As Budget Chair, cut $4.5 billion in state spending. As Chair of the Senate Budget Committee from 2008 to 2010, Barbara helped bring fiscal stability to Trenton by cutting spending by $4.5 billion while increasing funds for schools and healthcare.

    Sponsored bill to foster innovation and create jobs. Barbara sponsored legislation to connect our universities with new businesses in emerging markets, enabling specialized businesses to turn academic research into commercial reality.
Her vision for the state going forward builds on that solid record in the legislature. She promises that "as governor, she will restore New Jersey’s place as a national leader in innovation, creating good-paying jobs that can support our families. Highlights of her plan for better jobs and economic security for the middle class include:

    Investing in New Jersey workers. Our business owners know there are three keys to a head start in any industry-- location, location, location. Businesses locate where they can find a skilled workforce. From county colleges to four-year universities, New Jersey must recommit itself to training and retraining a workforce prepared to thrive in the global economy.

    Expanding relief for small businesses in emerging markets. New Jersey is home to a diverse network of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and emerging industries, which fuel job creation and enrich our local communities. Targeting support to these businesses will allow them to grow and create jobs here in New Jersey.

    Ensuring hard work is rewarded with a decent wage. For a working parent making $7.25 an hour, life isn’t about living. It’s about surviving. Raising the minimum wage will help New Jerseyans make ends meet, giving them the freedom to succeed in the 21st century economy.

    Asking wealthiest to pay their fair share. Putting New Jersey’s fiscal house in order must be a collective effort. As governor, Barbara will ensure that the wealthiest contribute their fair share as we put our state on a path to sustainable economic prosperity.

    Restoring tax relief for working families. With rising costs of living and stagnant wages, our working families need economic relief now more than ever. As governor, Barbara will restore New Jersey’s Earned Income Tax Credit and protect property tax relief for the families who need it most.

    Creating transportation that can get goods and workers where they need to go. An efficient transportation system is a key ingredient of creating a business-friendly environment. In order to get our economy back on track, we must repair New Jersey’s crumbling roads, tunnels and bridges.
Blue America has a special page just for gubernatorial candidates. So far we've found two who we think will make real difefrences in the lives of the people of their states. Barbara Buono is the first one we endorsed this year. She certainly isn't getting any attention from the clowns in the mainstream media, who, like Chris Matthews, are all enamoured with Chris Christie's ability to give Hillary Clinton a race for her money in 2016. That's no way to pick a governor for New Jersey.

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