Friday, July 05, 2013

Alan Grayson's 4th of July Message To Blue America


Blue America has had a long relationship with Alan Grayson, going back to his very first campaign when all the insiders said he had no chance to win the primary and then, after he won it, no chance to win the general election. He was too plainspoken and he wore his heart on his sleeve. Right up out alley. He's become the conscience of the progressive movement inside Congress and he's not afraid to speak truth to power, whether that's to John Boehner, Darrell Issa, Steve Israel or Barack Obama.

Today Blue America measures new candidates against Alan. Are they honest? Are they courageous? Are they dedicated to ordinary working families even above their own careers? If they're anything less, they need to look for help from the DCCC, not from Blue America. On this 4th of July weekend, we'll all be asked to remember the men and women who fought for our independence. We're also asking you to consider chipping in for the campaigns of the men and women who will help keep it.

This is the letter Grayson sent out last night:

Dear Friend,

There was a tremendous outpouring of support for our campaign last week. Not only from our individual donors (thanks, everyone!), but also from grassroots and "netroots" progressive organizations, like Blue America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. They sent out notes encouraging their members to contribute.

We were particularly grateful to Blue America for its effort, because Blue America reported on our pitched battle with the right-wing Republican House majority last week, over offshore drilling. The right-wingers introduced two "drill, baby, drill" bills in the House last week. I fought back with two identical pro-environment amendments. Even though Republicans outnumber Democrats by 33 Members in the House, we fought Republicans to a draw - an amazing tie vote on the Thursday amendment (213-213), followed by a one-vote lead for us on the Friday amendment (210-209) when time for the vote expired. The Republican Leadership ignored the big clock that said 0:00 on the wall, and badgered and begged one Republican who had voted "yes" to switch to "no." As soon as that happened, down came the Speaker's gavel, and a very battered Republican majority slinked away with its ill-gotten victory. In rhw JBoz on the right is the play-by-play from Blue America.

Thank you for those kind words, Blue America, and thank you for sharing with your audience exactly why you support our campaign. I get by with a little help from my friends. Don't we all?

Rep. Alan Grayson



At 10:51 AM, Anonymous BrianG said...

Sounds like he's talking about my Congresswoman, Cheri Bustos. I talked with her a couple of days ago in Peoria, IL as part of her Make It in America tour. Do you have any idea how deflating it was to ask her a question and receive talking points along with name dropping? Hoyer, Van Hollen, . . .

At 1:56 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Brian, Cheri Bustos is one of the 10 worst freshmen Democrats in Congress. Were just finishing up an exhaustive study of which freshmen did the best and worst jobs and will publish it this weekend. But Bustos definitely made the 10-worst list with flying colors.


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