Monday, June 03, 2013

A Letter From Andrew Hounshell


Yesterday Andy made it official... he isn't running for the western Ohio seat now hold by John Boehner. Below is the letter he sent DWT making his announcement. It appears, at least at this point, that Boehner will once again have no opponent for 2014. Unless Steve Israel wakes up and realizes the value of running someone against the unpopular leader of the obstructionist Republicans in the House.
It’s with great sadness and regret that I announce that I am withdrawing from the Ohio 8th District Congressional race for 2014. After much soul searching and discussion with my family, I have concluded that at this point in time, I am not able to fulfill the role of father, husband, and congressional candidate at a level that would be needed to be successful at all three.

Performing either one of these duties at a level less than 100% would be doing a disservice to my family and the people of Ohio's 8th District. My three children were the main reason why I entered the race, and they are the very same reason I have reconsidered. I have been blessed with the opportunity of having and raising triplets, I owe it to them to make sure that I get it right.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support. I especially would like to thank Howie Klein for all his support and wonderful publicity he brought my way through his wonderful blogging at Down with Tyranny. I want to thank him for all his support for me, but also for the work he does for the progressive movement in this country. I am a huge fan and I am inspired by his work. Thank you to all the Down with Tyranny readers who have shown me support. I would also like to take this time to thank Blue America for all their support and their work to get progressive candidates known and elected across the country. This country is a better place because of the work of everyone there. I was truly honored to have been on their list of candidates they support. The support and confidence that I have been shown has been nothing short of amazing. I will continue to support Blue America and push for fellow progressives to get elected to office.

I deeply regret any disappointment this decision may bring to those that supported this campaign along the way. I truly hoped to bring the representation to the 8th District that the citizens deserve. I will continue to work hard to see this happen, unfortunately at this time I am unable to commit to the time that is required to do this from the seat of a candidate. I would like to thank everyone for their support and I vow to continue to work hard to bring the people a choice at the ballot box.

Thanks again!

Andrew Hounshell

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At 12:48 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

He's a good guy best wishes to him & his family & now that he's out of the race guess we can kiss our house chances in 2014 goodbye.


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