Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Obama And Christie Cozy Up To Each Other Again In New Jersey


Sorry, Senator Buono... boys only

Yesterday, President Obama officially endorsed Ed Markey for the Senate seat that John Kerry gave up to become Secretary of State. "Ed has a strong record of helping businesses create jobs and making sure that middle class families get ahead," said the President about a congressman who is considerably more progressive than he himself ever was. "His work on fuel economy standards will save money for American consumers and help reduce our dependence on foreign oil. I share his commitment to common sense efforts to reduce gun violence, and I know he will be a critical vote on this issue. Massachusetts has a long history of Senators who have made a real difference for the Commonwealth and our nation, and I know Ed Markey will continue that great tradition." Obama did well in Massachusetts last November, winning their 11 electoral votes with 61% to former Massachusetts' Governor Romney's 37%. Obama didn't do quite as well in New Jersey over all-- but still extremely well. He beat Romney 58-41% in the Garden State. But it's in New Jersey where the progressive Democratic candidate for statewide office needs his help.

Barbara Buono is running against Chris Cristie for governor. This blog endorsed her and is trying to help her raise money. But Obama... well yesterday has was running around making what looked like campaign stops on the Boardwalk with Christie. NBC News was painting it as an opportunity for the President to change the subject-- the rash of trumped up right-wing faux-scandals the media in DC is obsessing over.
Immediately after Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast, President Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie embraced each other-- and that embrace helped both men politically. For Obama, receiving words of praise from arguably the country’s most recognizable governor (as well as the keynote speaker at the GOP convention!) undercut the Romney/Republican message that the incumbent president was a divisive figure. For Christie, his poll numbers skyrocketed after Hurricane Sandy, even among Democrats in the blue state of New Jersey. And the two men reprise their embrace today, as Obama visits the Jersey Shore, where he will speak at 1:30 pm ET on its recovery after Hurricane Sandy. Once again, the two men standing together helps both of them, at least in the short term. For Obama, the trip allows him to talk about the economy, the importance of government assistance after a disaster, and bipartisan cooperation. For Christie, the visit only benefits him as he seeks re-election in a state Obama won by nearly 18 percentage points in 2012; in fact, 42% of Obama voters are already supporting Christie’s re-election bid, per an NBC/Marist poll from earlier this month. Long term, Christie’s appearance with Obama could be a problem (remember Charlie Crist?), but first thing’s first for the New Jersey governor-- he’s up for re-election this year.
Yes, I remember Charlie Crist. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is currently pushing this conservative Republican down the throats of Florida Democratic voters as though he were an actual Democrat, instead of an opportunistic whore trying to claw his way back into office, this time as a "Democrat." And Chris Christie is, generally speaking, even further right than Charlie Crist. Democrats who harbor the media-fueled misconception that Christie is somehow "a moderate" need to look at his abysmal record as governor, where he vetoed a marriage equality bill that passed both houses of the state legislature, vetoed an equal pay for equal work bill for women that also passed both houses, vetoes an increase in the minimum wage and, the first anti-Choice governor of New Jersey since Row v Wade, he took great delight in slashing the state's family planning funding-- while increasing taxes and unemployment. Yesterday Joshua Henne of OneNewJersey warned that there would be 7 topics that Obama and Christie would definitely not discuss. Maybe Obama should consider discussing them with Barbara Buono instead.

1. Last week, what exactly did Christie mean when he said “I don’t think there’s been any proof thus far that Sandy was caused by climate change”?

2. Does Christie feel guilty that he campaigned and fundraised last Fall for Tea Party congressional candidates… who then voted against Sandy aid for New Jersey in January.

3. Superstorm Sandy made voting difficult last November… so why did Christie recently veto Early Voting?

4. How much money did Christie receive from the high-dollar AshBritt fundraisers scheduled after he handed the politically-connected firm a no-bid Superstorm Sandy cleanup contract?

5. In an election year, is it appropriate for Christie and his family to feature themselves-- in the style of a political ad-- in the new taxpayer-funded $25 million marketing campaign to highlight the Shore’s resurgence?

6. With Sandy causing many New Jersey residents pain, how come Christie added to their woes when he vetoed increasing the minimum wage?

7. How ironic is it to be on Bruce Springsteen’s beloved Asbury Park boardwalk, as Christie is living the mantra "we take care of our own"-- showering corporations and mall developers with hundreds of millions in handouts and protecting a tax cut for millionaires… while allowing property taxes to hit record highs, driving up toll, bus and train costs and vetoing women’s health funding four times?
Enjoy Springsteen... and think about helping Barbara Buono replace Chris Christie here.

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