Thursday, March 28, 2013

Will Republicans Manage To Nominate Unelectable Crackpots In South Dakota And Georgia?


Straight from the pit of hell

Georgia and South Dakota are both pretty red-- Romney won the former with 58% and the latter with 53%-- so the value of a Republican senatorial nomination is massive. Either should sure worth a lot more than a GOP nomination in New York or Hawaii. So you can count on some internal bickering... if not bloodletting. Yesterday we took a quick look at the struggle between Democrat Brendon Johnson and Blue Dog Stephanie Herseth Sandlin for the Democratic nomination for the now open South Dakota senate seat (from which Brendon's dad Tim is retiring). But the battle for the South Dakota GOP nod is going to be a lot more... animated.

The far right doesn't like former Governor Mike Rounds, the heavy favorite, because they consider him too mainstream at a time when the job is moving towards outright reactionaries and nihilists. Jim DeMint's Senate Conservative Fund is, as usual, leading the way. The little freak he has running it for him, Matt Hoskins, attacked Rounds as “another moderate Republican who won’t fight for our freedoms... There’s already one Republican candidate in the race that we know we cannot support-- former Governor Mike Rounds... As governor, Mike Rounds raised taxes, increased the state’s bureaucracy, supported President Obama’s stimulus program, and backed bailouts for Wall Street banks. This is the not the record of a conservative.” They seem to be encouraging Kristi Noem, the state's one House Member, to run. She fits the more extremist, obstructionist mold DeMint is looking for. Her ProgressivePunch crucial vote score for the 113th Congress is ZERO, just the kind of radical right ideologue DeMint likes best.

And in Georgia the fight for the nomination is going to make South Dakota look like Patty Cakes. First of all there are no mainstream conservatives there. Everyone is so far right, they're off the scale. The incumbent senator who's retiring, Saxby Chambliss, is one of the most right-wing senators in the history of the Senate but he was chased out of office by the DeMint types who felt they could get someone even more extreme. And they probably will. All the potential nominees are crackpots from the lunatic fringe. The first in, for example, is Congressman Paul Broun, a John Birch Society member who-- as a member of the House Science Committee has denounced all scientific thought as "lies straight from the pit of Hell."

Yesterday Ashley Judd's tweets that she wouldn't challenge senatorial turtle Miss McConnell in Kentucky, all but buried the candidacy announcement of Georgia's second craziest congressman, Phil Gingrey a squishy little punk best known for humiliating himself and his constituents by fellating Rush Limbaugh live on the air in 2009. More recently he agreed with Todd Akin that lady parts don't allow rape victims to get pregnant. That would be almost funny-- except that he's a)- an obstetrician and b)- running for the Senate... the U.S. Senate. And so are another handful of far right ignorant rabble rousers.

In a nasty little preemptive move typical of his cutthroat nature, Broun attacked his 3 GOP colleagues-- Gingrey plus Jack Kingston and Tom Price (all presumed candidates)-- by implying he's the only one who believes in the Constitution. “I believe in the original intent of the Constitution. There’s no other candidate that’s going to get into this race that does. I believe in the Constitution as the Founding Fathers meant it. They believe in a Constitution where government finds all the solutions for all the problems. So there are big differences between me and all the other candidates that can get in this race.”

Gingrey, 70, isn't just extreme in his politics. He's also extreme in his vanity and is known for dying his hair and wearing makeup-- and not just on TV appearance like the one below:

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