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Every Homophobe I Ever Heard From In South Carolina Is Interested In Sex With Men. What About Chris Culliver?


Chris Culliver

I never went to an NFL game in my life and I doubt I've even done a post about football before. But I lived in San Francisco for the better part of two decades and the 49ers football news did manage to seep through the Hagel nomination battle noise. I was sad to read at AmericaBlog that the 49ers have disavowed the anti-bullying "It Gets Better" video they made-- and now say they were "tricked" into making. Two of the players, Ahmad Brooks and Isaac Sopoaga, were uncomfortable being part of the video project.
When four members of the San Francisco 49ers made an anti-bullying video in August for the "It Gets Better Project," they were hailed as trail blazers-- big, strong athletes in a game bathed in testosterone and homophobia, who were prepared to take on the narrow minds of the NFL locker rooms.

But two of the players who took part in the video-- linebacker Ahmad Brooks and nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga-- strangely denied making the video. Then, when shown the video, they said they didn't realize the aim of the production was to fight the bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens.

The players were asked about the video Thursday because teammate Chris Culliver made derogatory remarks about gays in a media day interview with radio personality Artie Lange. At first, Brooks and Sopoaga, approached by USA TODAY Sports, denied being part of the project.

"I didn't make any video," Brooks said. "This is America and if someone wants to be gay, they can be gay. It's their right. But I didn't make any video."
Culliver... that the guy whose photo is up-top. Handsome dude, don't you think? And sexy. Someone who looks like that and makes derogatory remarks about gay people-- and this all in San Francisco-- in all likelihood has some personal experiences they don't want to publicly discuss. Thursday the 23 year old South Carolinian apologized for his homophobic remarks in the hopes it will all go away and not ruin his career.
San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver said Thursday morning he would accept a gay teammate as he apologized for homophobic comments he made earlier this week on a national radio show's podcast.

"Everyone is treated equally in our locker room," Culliver said.

Culliver previously told radio host Artie Lange that gay players would not be welcome in the 49ers locker room.

"Ain't got no gay people on the team. They gotta get up outta here if they do. Can't be with that sweet stuff," he said in the interview taped on Tuesday's media day at the Superdome.

Culliver was swarmed by reporters at the 49ers' media availability Thursday morning, a day after his statements went viral. He said he spoke with head coach Jim Harbaugh, other 49ers coaches and general manager Trent Baalke on Wednesday and told his bosses that he would "learn and grow" from the experience.

Culliver said he made the comments in a "joking" manner.

"I was really not thinking. Or, something I thought, but not something that I feel in my heart," Culliver said. "I'm sorry that I offended anyone. They were very ugly comments, and that's not what I feel in my heart. Hopefully, I can learn and grow from this experience and this situation. I love San Francisco."

Culliver said he did not see the reaction to his comments on Twitter, nor did he talk about them or the backlash with teammates.

"I'm not trying to bring any distraction to the team. We're trying to win a Super Bowl," Culliver said.
I'm rooting for The Ravens this time round-- and for the Harvey Milk International Airport.

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