Sunday, January 20, 2013

John Mica-- A Pig's Anus? Or Calamari?


Sometimes things aren't what they seem-- like calamari and pig anuses. And is there any way of thinking about a pig's anus without congering up an image of Florida Republican John Mica? Even Allen West was disgusted by this guy. Hopefully in 2014 DCCC Chairman Steve Israel won't give Mica another "Re-election Free Pass" since Mica lost his committee chairmanship. There's a progressive Democrat, an old friend of Blue America's, Nick Ruiz, already in the race. Below is a guest post he did for us about Mica's hypocrisy concerning SuperStorm Sandy. If you'd like to help Nick beat Mica in 2014, you can do that here at ActBlue.

On the Absolute Malice of John Mica (R-FL)
-by Nick Ruiz

Elephants to my eye and mind, are majestic animals of the highest order. Matriarchal in practice, their tight family groups herd together, sharing deep family emotions like joy and compassion. I see no reason why the GOP should be symbolized by such a creature, as the GOP sensibility is antithetical to the sustainable and practically organic culture of the elephant.

A better animal for the GOP would be a pig. And while we're discussing animals, as far as the stubbornly obtuse Modern Democrats are concerned, they are well served by their traditional symbol: the donkey. I'm a progressive New Deal Democrat. I think that I and others like me, might like to symbolized by some other animal, perhaps, a dolphin.

But on to other matters.

It has been three months since Hurricane Sandy annihilated the US Eastern Seaboard-- one of the worst storms to deluge the region since the 1950s. And the GOP has just gotten around to passing some relief legislation in the form of federal disaster aid.

John Mica (R-FL)-- my opponent in 2014-- voted against it, heckling, "They porked it down thinking they could pull one over on the House of Representatives." What a pig!

For the record, Mr. Mica loves legislative pork, according to the media sphere. He has been called ''the king of local pork" and has been identified as such in part, because of 'security pork,' where his enthusiasm for the privatization of  Transportation Security Agency has been linked to the fact that "one of the main contractors who would profit from privatizing the TSA is a campaign donor to Congressman Mica and one of his constituents."

It has also been playfully suggested that Mr. Mica-- along with Bill Young (R-FL)-- sail together in the ship called, the 'Porkulus' as "John Mica earmarked $13 million to his daughter’s client, has five relatives who work as lobbyists (two brothers, a son and a nephew), and his daughter, D’Anne, ran a public relations firm whose client, the Central Commuter Rail, received the $13 million."

Alas, may we suppose that the Hurricane Sandy Aid authors didn't fix the pork to order for Mr. Mica's taste?

Under Mr. Mica's swine philosophy, perhaps this is all just the politics of wheelin' and dealin'-- but you know, I've never been impressed with the dealmakers' fascination for it. The art of the steal, as it were.

I'm much more interested in bringing up the floor of our society, and embarking upon a novel ecological, educational and socioeconomic path.

Lands and communities are falling apart, because practitioners of pig politics are starving neighborhoods, via deprivation of tax dollars. Instead, all that public and civilizational largesse is redirected until it winds up in the pigs' trough, where the GOP pigs fight the Modern Democrat donkeys for a turn at the teet. It's sort of like in Pynchon's novel, but to paraphrase for our purposes, instead we see and survey the vast collective potential enterprise of  the People, only to see them being driven like herds of cattle adrift in ever-changing cloudlike patterns across the globe, while we sadly watch that unshaped freedom being misguided and rationalized into movement only in straight lines and at right angles with a quickening reduction of choices until at last that final turn through the final gate that leads to the killing floor.

Dear John Mica (R-FL)-- what a charade of a People's representative you are:

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At 8:20 AM, Blogger John said...

I see no justifiable reason to defame pig anuses by comparison to Mica.

John Puma

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous me said...

I've tried calamari a couple times. Didn't think much of it. Flavorless, tough, and chewy. Could have been pigs' assholes for all I know. Not much difference between that and squid anyway, IMO. Whatever - I've had all of it I care to.

Compare that to republicans. I've considered voting for one or two of them over the years, but after further research, I decided I'd prefer pig buttholes. So I voted Democrat.


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