Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shot In The Foot! Buck McKeon Supporters Attack On Podiatrist Opponent’s Profession Backfires


Buck McKeon supporters have come up with an ingenious idea. Since they don’t have anything to attack Dr. Lee Rogers on, why not just call him unqualified for Congress because he’s a podiatrist? Forget the fact that Buck McKeon was a cowboy boot salesman before entering Congress, a business founded and built by his parents which he bankrupted, leaving $400,000 in unpaid state sales tax and employees with unpaid income. These supporters, who are unofficial advisors to the McKeon camp, produced a long poor quality YouTube video complete with stolen music-- which is always a mark of GOP propaganda videos-- extolling McKeon’s dedication to our military war profiteers and belittling Dr. Lee Rogers’ profession. They say, “If you have ingrown toenails, then Lee Rogers is your man.” The video lumps independent-minded Rogers into the same class with the DCCC hacks who are equally responsible with Buck McKeon and his corrupt extremist cronies for our country’s fiscal woes.

The Rogers campaign seized the opportunity and sent the video out to about 15,000 podiatrists nationwide in this email. Foot doctors from around the country, both Democrats, independents and Republicans have donated thousands to the Rogers campaign since the video was posted. The video, which only had 200 views before the email blast, swelled to 800 in 24 hours (screen-shot below), all angry podiatrists who are no doubt reaching in their pockets. We’ve heard that the poster of the video is removing comments from the page like this one from a Republican doctor: "I know Dr. Rogers. I have interviewed him a few times on www.PodiatricSuccess.com. You, too, can listen. He really gets the medical situation-- I know he will help patients and help physicians. I truly trust he will be PRO DOCTOR-- And as such the Republican medical providers will stand with Dr. Rogers." Dr. Bret Ribotsky, Boca Raton, FL."

Perhaps they could have avoided this podiatry misstep by reading how podiatrists (and optometrists) helped to defeet defeat incumbent Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK) in the GOP primary after he introduced legislation that discriminated against them.

The McKeon camp is getting desperate. Especially after McKeon makes comments criticizing President Obama’s foreign policy during a terrorist attack on U.S. diplomats in Libya. Podiatrist Lee Rogers stepped all over him for putting his foot in his mouth with this comment:
"To blame the President for these terrorist attacks is akin to blaming President Bush for 9/11. His statement didn’t condemn the terrorist act or show our resolve in bring those that killed our ambassador to justice. Instead, he attacked the President who just lost a member of his administration, a diplomat of the United States. The United States has only lost five ambassadors in its history. This is a time to mourn the loss of a good American and to find out how this happened, punish those responsible, and determine how we can prevent similar incidents in the future. McKeon responded in haste, without all the facts, and while Americans were still in danger. McKeon’s opportunistic attack was unjustified, undignified, and Un-American. It’s just disgraceful.”

As we’ve reported many times at DWT, Rogers has the best chance to kick Buck McKeon out of office since he was first elected a couple in some hazy past decade. Who would you choose, an award-winning, caring podiatric surgeon and national spokesman for the American Diabetes Association with a good head on his shoulders, or a slimy career politician just selected as one of the 20 most corrupt members of Congress? If you've got your feet on the ground, please consider helping Lee Rogers retire McKeon from public life in November.

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At 8:25 PM, Anonymous me said...

Even if we get rid of that scum, we haven't solved the fundamental problem. Which is, of course, that voters are willing to put people like that into high office.

Until and unless we fix that problem, we'll continue to be in deep shit.


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