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Republicans who hate Mitt Romney aren't the only ones delighted with the selection of Paul "the anti-Medicare guy" Ryan as his running mate. Everyone on Team Obama is probably kvelling this weekend as well. John Heilemann wrote in New York on Saturday about why Obama's people are so thrilled with the selection:
[T]hey knew full well that if the race was purely a referendum on Obama, they would likely lose-- but if bright lines could be drawn on values and visions regarding fiscal choices, that was the kind of election they could win. This was why Chicago was planning to hang the Ryan budget around Romney’s neck regardless of whether the congressman was on the ticket or not. Obama’s data jockeys have been polling and focus-grouping on this for months, and they are over the moon about what they have found... "President Obama’s lead against Romney more than doubles when the election is framed as a choice between the two candidates’ positions on the Ryan budget-- particularly its impact on the most vulnerable. The President makes significant gains among key groups, including independents and voters in the Rising American Electorate (the unmarried women, youth, and minority voters who drove Obama to victory in 2008)."

Paul Ryan Has A Goal In Massachusetts-- And The Victory Fund Is Working To Make Sure He And The GOP Get What They Want So, So Badly

Tuesday progressives in Florida and Connecticut will be battling conservative Democrats who are being financed by the destructive wreck that was once EMILY's List. But, as we pointed out last week, EMILY's List isn't the only group inappropriately assumed to have something in common with progressives that dupes and fundraises from liberals and then helps elect conservatives. At least just as bad is a sleazy bunch of Inside-the-Beltway gay careerists called the Victory Fund. As we mentioned last week, the Victory Fund, widely viewed as the single greatest reason for why Trevor Thomas was narrowly beaten by social conservative Steve Pestka in Grand Rapids/Battle Creek, is trying to defeat a 100% solid, lifelong straight ally, Rep. John Tierney, and replace him with a gay Republican with a sketchy record on gay equality. And Victory Fund candidate Richard Tisei isn't just a bad choice for the LGBT community because of his past, his future-- were he to ever make it to Congress-- looks pretty scary too. Tisei was recruited by Paul Ryan's and Eric Cantor and their sleazy SuperPAC, Young Guns, is-- along with the Victory Fund, financing his battle against Tierney. Watch:

Conservatives Routed In Paradise

Hawaii had its primaries Saturday and it wasn't even close. In the two major races-- one for the open U.S. Senate and one for the open seat in the 2nd district-- the progressive candidates, respectively Mazie Hirono and Tulsi Gabbard, beat their extremely conservative opponents, perennial Blue Dog candidate Ed Case and corrupt Mormon ex-mayor of Honolulu, Mufi Hannemann. It was Hannemann's third congressional run and his third loss. Case had already served in Congress (2002-7) where he was known as very lazy, very conservative, probably corrupt and a sure vote for the worst of the Republican agenda. He was a member of both the Blue Dog caucus and the New Dems. He's been running for Senator, Governor and to get back into Congress ever since and loses every time. In Saturday's Senate totals he took 94,289 41%) against Hirono's 132,855 (58%) and many hope he'll go find a job and stop trying to get into office again. In the 6-way race for the House seat Mazie was giving up, Tulsi Gabbard captured 55% and Hannemann only managed to persuade 34%.

Looks Like Ryan Has An excuse For Not Debating Rob Zerban Now... But What About Elderly Right-Wing California Carbuncles Buck McKeon And Ed Royce?

McKeon's hometown media outlets are mocking him and laughing at his avoidance of debates with Lee Rogers. After sparring with the media about what the meaning of a bribe is, McKeon managed to avoid committing to any debates at all... again. "McKeon," Mark Archuleta reported for KHTS, "said he might want three debates with his November 6 opponent Dr. Lee Rogers for the 25th Congressional district-- except he didn’t show up for the one scheduled before the primary election and wouldn’t make a firm commitment to any this election cycle." Read this exchange to see what an asshole McKeon-- who owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in gambling debts to organized crime boss and probable Red China operative Sheldon Adelson-- is. It helps explain why the local media has come to dislike him so much:
Mark Archuleta, Reporter, KHTS: Can we tell our audience that you will have an actual forum with your opponent Lee Rogers or a debate?

Buck McKeon: An actual forum or a debate?

MA: Yeah, because we tried to set one up before and there was some scheduling conflict. (A detailed look at the no-show by both the Congressman and his wife Patricia who was running for the 36th Assembly District, click here.) So, we’d love to be able to tell our audience out here that we’re going to have a forum or a debate or whatever format you would like so that we can hear you guys go back and forth on the issues. Can we tell ‘em that?

BM: You can tell ‘em that.

MA: So, you’re saying we will?

BM: No.

MA: Why not?

BM: I said you can tell them that.

MA: You’re being clever. Just say whether or not…

BM: No, I’m not. I’m being funny.

MA: Let’s just say it. Say it.

BM: Here, if somebody wants to put together a forum, usually like there’s League of Women Voters or…

MA: We had SCVTV, we had The Signal

BM: Fine. Just give us notice and if I can be there I will be happy to be there.

MA: Can you give us a date and we’ll set it up. Because last time it fell apart.

BM: Well, maybe we would want a different forum. I don’t know.

...BM: But I’m not sure that’s going to…we’ll decide through the campaign. The campaign consultant isn’t here but we’ll decide how we’re going to do that…

MA: But you will do it?

BM: Pardon?

MA: But you will do it? I mean you will do some forum or debate? Because obviously it’s not to your benefit to do it.

BM: Really?

MA: So will you do it? Well, I don’t think…

BM: Why would it not be to my benefit?

MA: Well, you tell me. You haven’t done one.

BM: I’ve been busy.

MA: Well, that’s a good story, but the people in the community would like to hear…

BM: They’ve been hammering for it? They’ve been clamoring to hear us?

MA: Yeah, I think so.

BM: They have?

MA: They absolutely have.

Unidentified Reporter: You know, I have to agree with that. I think people would like to see it.

BM: And I think that they will. The campaign generally starts about Labor Day…

MA: Can you guarantee they will? They will see…

BM: No, no.

MA:…a forum or debate…?

BM: I can’t guarantee. I don’t know that he’s going to want to come up and see me.

MA: I can guarantee you he does.

BM: Oh, really?

MA: He’s told us many times.

BM: Really?

MA: Yeah.

BM: Well we’ll see. Hey, I’m not afraid to debate the doctor about…

MA: That’s what everybody wants to see.

BM: Great. They’ll have plenty of chances to see it

MA: Plenty? You’ll do more than one?

BM: Usually you do. What if I do terrible in one I might want to do two?

MA: Good. Let’s do it.

BM: Might want to do three.

MA: We’d love to see it. We would love to see it. So I can say…

BM: You can say whatever you want…

MA: Three debates coming up. Quote:…

BM: No.

MA: …Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon: “I’m going to do three debates with Dr. Lee Rogers.”

Bob Cochran, Congressman McKeon’s Chief of Staff: Okay, let’s move on to another question. I think we’ve gone over this. We don’t have much more time.

And all the way across L.A. County, one of McKeon's corrupt cronies-- another Countrywide crook-- Ed Royce is playing the same kind of games when it comes to debating his challenger, Jay Chen. Jay and Royce both accepted invitations to a town hall meeting in Rowland Heights at the senior center tomorrow evening. As soon as Royce found out Jay was going as well, he backed out. He "developed an inexplicable scheduling conflict," Jay told his supporters. "Once again, the voters of the 39th have been denied an opportunity to the answers they deserve. It seems unlikely that Royce will engage me in a live debate and have his voting record picked apart. With his record of supporting big banks and disempowering women, minorities, and the middle class, I can't blame him."

Remember What We Found Out About Miss McConnell Yesterday?

No, not about him being a closet queen... the part about him organizing the GOP to obstruct everything President Obama would try to do to help America get over the mess Bush and the GOP left him. This GOP (a song by Elliot Astur):


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