Thursday, July 05, 2012

In Case You Missed It... Richard Mourdock Makes His Supreme Court Announcements


I get up between 4 and 5 every morning to start blogging. So I never see Colbert in real time anymore. My pal Jeff told me I had to see this routine though and... he was right. I don't know how many DWT readers go to sleep by 10 like I do but I figure there must be someone besides me who missed this. Keep in mid, of course, that we're strictly neutral on the Indiana Senate race, which pits the worst Republican anywhere against the worst Democrat anywhere. There's nothing that would ever make me vote for Blue Dog Joe Donnelly, an anti-Choice, anti-gay reactionary who votes with the Republicans far more frequently than he does with the Democrats. In fact, this session, Donnelly's 25.57% ProgressivePunch crucial roll call voting score is worse than that of 5 Republicans! If I lived in Indiana I'd probably write in someone... even the independents running for Senate there are out of their minds.

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At 3:18 PM, Anonymous robert dagg murphy said...

When you think no one is getting anything along comes Stewart and Colbert. Add the late George Carlin to the mix, who I understand is going to be on Meet the Past with Tim Russert this Sunday and it's all you need to know. Also, keep reading DWT, Hullabaloo, Crooks and liars, Daily Kos and Paul Krugman.

If you really want a plan for the future read Buckminister Fuller.

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous robert dagg murphy said...

Have you ever noticed how our most insightful people use humor to help us get it? You can include Will Rogers in the above group. Tim needs to have him on in the near past.


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