Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Newtster Endorsed Willard Yesterday


Basically a grifter who has made himself a multimillionaire by bilking clueless donors to his many schemes, Gingrich has now agreed to endorse Romney. In return for Romney and the RNC, which Romney has now taken over, will be paying off Newt's immense campaign debt. So... contribute to Romney and you're contributing to pay back loans from Gingrich's sleazy cronies who financed his ridiculous money-sucking campaign. Aside from all the stumbles and hilarity, the Gingrich campaign will probably be best remembered for the fascinating exposé of Romney's shady, destructive and immoral business practices, When Mitt Romney Came To Town.

On his way off the national stage again, Gingrich gave USAToday an interview yesterday in which he says he regrets "not being smarter about how to run." We'll leave that for the late night comics. He told them the campaign should have spent more time talking about "brain research." Maybe he should just read Chris Moody's two most recent brilliant books, The Republican Brain and The Republican War On Science.

He claimed Romney won because he was better at raising money. He seemed most bitter about the "irresponsible and cynical reaction to my proposals for space" by "the elites." and he doesn't think he'll be running for president again.

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