Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mary Bono Thinks Gays Should Stop Stereotyping Republicans


According to ProgressivePunch, Mary Bono Mack's homophobic voting record-- she scores a 14.29 out of 100-- on roll calls of crucial import to the LGBT community, is better than almost any Republican's. Her husband, Cornelius the fourth, for example, scores a 12.50. The vast majority of Republicans score a 0.00. That's right, 230 Republicans-- from rapid homophobes like Steve King, Allen West, Internet pornographer Ben Quayle, Michele Bachmann, Buck McKeon, Virginia Foxx to purported model "centrists" like Paul Ryan, Peter King, Charlie Dent, Walter Jones and Fred Upton to deranged, trembling closet cases like Aaron Schock (who still hasn't found the "right gal"), David Dreier, Patrick McHenry, Trent Franks, and Adrian Smith (+ gay hating Blue Dogs Heath Shuler, Mike McIntyre, Larry Kissell and Mike Ross) have voted against every single important roll call that would establish equality for the LGBT community. All 53 congressmembers with 100% voting records are Democrats and even the best-scoring Republicans, Richard Hanna, Nan Hayworth and Justin Amash, have miserable 50.00 scores.

Maybe what Mary Bono, who represents one of the biggest LGBT communities in the country, needs to tell the vote scores to stop stereotyping Republicans. Tuesday there was a big GOP campaign kerfuffle when the Romney camp, pressured by homophobic bigots, was forced to fire his one openly gay staffer, Richard Grenell, who happens to be a constituent of Bono Mack's. Far right extremists are dancing on the grave of Grenell's career and basking in the knowledge of just how easy it is to push Romney around. Watch:

Listen to Bryan Fischer explaining how the fringe right has been able to make Romney dance to it's tune-- and then go back and think about what Bono Mack said about not stereotyping Republicans. Oddly, soon after Grenell announced he was resigning, Bono Mack tweeted that he would be returning to Palm Springs and working for her campaign. That tweet seems to be scrubbed this morning. No trace of it-- except from the people who retweeted it... like Mike Signorelle:

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