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Rick Larsen-- Sleazy New Dem-- Seeks To Torpedo Darcy Burner's Congressional Bid


Rick Larsen-- the Democratic Old Guard in DC has lost touch with the values of the Democratic Party

Tuesday Alex Isenstadt did a Beltway kind of story about how Blue Dogs face extinction. It was more relevant when we wrote it in 2009 but... well, Politico. Someone should tell Alex that this year the story isn't that the Blue Dogs are finally going extinct, but that they've migrated over to the New Dems, a similarly conservative group, only less racist, less sexist and less homophobic. But just as corrupted by corporate cash. Blue Dogs who are also New Dems include Jason Altmire (PA), John Barrow (GA), Jim Cooper (TN), Mike McIntyre (NC), Loretta Sanchez (CA), Adam Schiff (CA), Kurt Schrader (OR), and David Scott (GA). After November, when the Blue Dogs officially go belly up, all the remaining members will join the New Dems, making it an even more disgusting group than it already is. Normally when we talk about how disgusting the New Dems are we roll out Queens corruptionist Joseph Crowley, the chairman who is currently under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. But today, let's share the spotlight with the vice-chair, Rick Larsen (WA). According to ProgressivePunch, in the current legislative session (2011-12) Larsen voted with the Democrats more than the Republicans-- but not by much. He took the progressive side almost two-thirds of the time and the conservatives' side about one-third of the time, making him one of the 30-some-odd worst Democrats in Congress and the worst Democrat from the state of Washington. So it should have come as no surprise this week that he endorsed a dismal candidate of the one percent, Suzan DelBene in the open first congressional district of Washington state.

The state Democratic Establishment wants the self-funding multimillionaire and the party establishment is coalescing behind her-- even though voters show virtually zero enthusiasm for this remote, one-percent female Mitt Romney who is most often compared to Meg Whitman. Keep in mind that the two politicians leading this move-- outgoing Governor Christine Gregoire and Larsen-- are among the least popular and least admired politicians in the state of Washington. Labor unions whine about how the Democrats don't take on the one percent on behalf of their members and then the union chiefs back a one-percenter like DelBene (take a look at this post about labor's political role).
"It's no surprise that Governor Gregoire would endorse Suzan DelBene given her role in the Gregoire Administration," said Burner spokesperson Jeremy Koulish. "It is rather surprising, though, that Gregoire's endorsement announcement came so close to Tax Day, but made no mention of DelBene's role as Gregoire's tax collector."

DelBene ran against Reichert in 2010, after Burner said she wouldn't run. Democrats believe DelBene would finance much of her own campaign, freeing the party of the prospect of ponying up money that could be better spent elsewhere.

"DelBene can write a check and win it," said one Democratic consultant who is unaffiliated in the race. "She is a really nice person, just not terribly inspiring."

Larsen, widely considered a cat's paw for corporate interests inside the Democratic caucus, who long ago gave up any pretense of representing working families, sounded like he was describing a Republican when he talked about why he's backing DelBene. “I have been watching the race closely and evaluating the Democratic candidates. I am looking for the person who can best run the kind of modern campaign that mixes the necessary organization, outreach to the big and small towns, and resources to deliver the positive message of restoring the middle class and protecting Medicare. Suzan DelBene has put together the kind of organization to win the primary and this fall. I am not surprised by this as it reflects her success in business putting together successful organizations.” Yes, DelBene is good at hiring expensive consultants-- her only demonstable skill. Larsen, like many in the corrupted Democratic Old Guard, seem ready to sacrifice Democratic values and principles-- and, in this case, a chance to win-- to cozy up to big money.

Blue America has endorsed Darcy Burner, a proven independent thinker with a 100% progressive agenda. Polls show her winning the primary but there is a danger that she could get swamped by the millions of dollars DelBene claims she's willing to invest in her own campaign. Please consider helping Darcy out here at the Blue America ActBlue page. Keep in mind, DelBene would be another member of the corrupt corporate-oriented New Dems/Blue Dogs and Darcy would immediately rise to a leadership position in the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

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Good info, Howie.

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So I live in the new 1st Congressional district and have been interviewing candidates for the seat, including both Darcy Burner and Suzan Delbene. You can find their interviews here:

and here:


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