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If You Work Out In A Gold's Gym Or Stay At An Omni Hotel, You Are Underwriting The Fascist Agenda In America


Gold's Gym started in Venice, CA in 1965 as a funky, organic operation but today it's a corporate behemoth and claims to be the largest chain of coed gyms in the world-- 650 of 'em in 42 states and 30 countries. It's also a political money-making machine for the fascist agenda, filling right-wing coffers with a piece of every membership.

When Wikipedia lists the criticisms of Gold's Gym, it sounds like a typical right-wing operation, but they never get into the financial connection between the corporation and the Republican Party and its anti-gay agenda. It's all the penny-ante stuff you expect from any Republican-oriented ripoff business:
Numerous customers have reported Gold's Gym franchises acting in dishonest and unscrupulous ways. They have reported advertised deals not being honored, billing irregularities, contract terms being fraudulently altered by sales staff after signing and problems canceling accounts or relocating. A Gold's Gym in Provo, Utah was successfully sued for fraud in 2006 for changing a contract after it was signed in 1999. Like many gyms, some Gold's Gym franchisees lure customers with "free" sign-up or gift certificates with fabricated nominal values, and then require long term contracts that are very difficult to get out of without paying cancellation fees and following long and inconvenient procedures (such as having to send a certified letter to their central billing office a month in advance). In the past, gym websites did not give membership rates and the gyms would usually not tell customers the rate over the phone, asking instead that customers come to the gym to have a tour and discussion, which often included a heavy sales pitch.

But the real problem with Gold's comes when you follow the money. The principal owner is shady Texas oil billionaire Robert Rowling (also the principal owner of the Omni Hotel chain), one of the financiers of the Republican Party's turn towards out-and-out fascism and one of the 4 principal backers of Rove's anti-democracy PAC American Crossroads. Gold's Gym, which at least in California has a heavily gay clientele, is financing a virulently hateful anti-gay agenda.
Four San Francisco Gold’s Gym franchises are splitting away from the brand, which Rowling owns as part of his hospitality firm TRT Holdings. The director of Gold’s Gym Bay Area says his decision to leave stems from Rowling’s $2 million gift to Rove’s conservative PAC American Crossroads, which has given money to candidates with anti-gay views.

American Crossroads has supported Sharron Angle, who is opposed to gay adoption, and Roy Blunt, who was given a 0% score on his gay rights record by the Human Rights Commission.

In a statement to customers, Don Dickerson of the Bay Area franchise of Gold’s Gym said:

Gold’s Gym San Francisco has long been a pillar of the gay community. We will continue to be. It is very unfortunate that the CEO of TRT Holdings has chosen this course of action. We do not support it in any way.

Aside from being one of the four people to have poured millions of dollars into Rove's destructive reactionary operation, Rowling has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the most right-wing extremists in Congress, including many thousands to Miss McConnell, Richard Burr, Louie Gohmert, Tom Coburn, David Vitter, John Cornyn, Jim DeMint, Rick Santorum... all the worst and most poisonous garbage in American politics. As we warned back on the eve of the disastrous 2010 midterms:
If you've been pumping iron at a Gold's Gym-- or, for that matter, sleeping at an Omni Hotel-- you've helped pay for thousands and thousands of vicious and distorted attack ads against progressive champion Alan Grayson and for narrow-minded religious fanatic Daniel Webster in Orlando. The owner of both, Texas billionaire and right-wing fanatic Robert Rowling, has been pumping millions of dollars into Karl Rove's shady American Crossroads operation whose sole purpose is to take over Congress on behalf of the richest 2 or 3% of Americans... like Rowling. American Crossroads has raised more than $65 million as of Monday, $30 million of which has already been spent on 14 Senate and 18 House races, according to the Federal Election Commission. Grayson and other vulnerable progressives in tight races are among their key targets. Grayson's Orlando district is awash with shady but legal corporate cash and illicit foreign money targeting his reelection bid. The special interests want him out more than anyone else. He's too effective and too inspiring for the elites who run the country to be able to tolerate him, no matter what it costs.

No one expects any DWT readers to match the millions of dollars fascist plutocrats like Rowling put into the political arena to fund their anti-American agenda. But by focusing on just a few outstanding progressives-- like Bernie Sanders' and Elizabeth Warren's Senate campaigns and less than a dozen carefully vetted House candidates -- we're hoping to help keep fascism at bay and prevent a complete takeover. Can you help?

GOP closet queens like Aaron Schock love working out

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At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gays in the Republican party are like Jews in the Hitler youth. Oh, I forgot that was the Pope.

At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info about Omni and Gold's. Useful stuff. If you can, please keep such relevant boycotty type material coming.

At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rowling isn't donating this money because of the anti-gay agenda. He's donating it because the republicans want to make business and free enterprise possible while liberals want to the robin hood approach...take from the rich to feed those who don't feel like working. Yes, there are people who need our help but our country has allowed it to get out of hand. I personally know people drawing unemployement and disability who should NOT qualify for it. You and I pay for this, and Rowling pays more for them in one month than we will make in a lifetime. Good thing some people still want to work hard or else no body would be around to pay for all the lazy people.

At 4:01 AM, Blogger theTruth said...

Oh let's not talk about welfare...when the corporate robber barons take triliions from the government in subsidies, guarantees, to pad their bonuses and then send it offshore to sweden and bermuda. Unemployment benefits is the least of our concerns....especially since we pay into the benefit, not a freebee as republicans like to suggest (it's mandatory insurance - sound familiar).

At 4:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Omni hotel experience and hate to bash fellow entrepenuers, but don't let me get started on welfare. The corp robber barons have been raiding the govt coffers for decades. Ever heard of corp subsidies to oil companies, grants to businesses, govie backed guaranties to wallstreet, corp tax credits, wasteful military contractors, the $3TRILLION bailout to the banks, and on and on... So the same ones that argue for smaller govt are the same ones with their hands in the govt purse. Then to add insult to injury, these guys take this welfare to pad their bonuses, then send their money and jobs offshore to swiss bank accounts, bermuda, china and india. And if they don't like the govt saying (no you can't do that) they renounce their citizenship. How unAmerican, I'm so disgusted. I believe in pure capitalism not this kind socio-cspitialism of privatizing the profits and socializing the losses. This cost taxpayers exponentially way more than unemployment benefits which, oh by the way, workers pay into (ie FUTA)just in case the "job creators" decide to outsource their job. Unemployment benefits aren't a freebie as the far right like to misportray. It's mandated insurance...check your pay stub. This system is broken and favor only one side (the ultra rich). This talk about what benefits the poor and middle class get is a distraction. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL!


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